How can you be Anti-Rahcist in YOUR LIFE?

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Written by Shuhood Khan


  1. We're pretty biased against Jubilee but drop us your best poetry bars below!!!

    Honestly I wasnt gonna publish this video because of that but whatever. You can make your own assessment and tell us what yall think.

  2. I find it funny that some people say "WHY DON'T YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?!". My counter to that is: "WHY DON'T YOU SPEAK THE NATIVE TONGUE OF THE LAND YOU'RE STANDING ON?!". It's not even relevant what language people speak in, let people talk. If you want to understand what is being said, better yourself and learn the language. If you don't want to do that, cool, that's you're choice. Just stay out of it. And final point is the english language is confusing as fuck. But hey, that's just from my point of view and my own opinion.

  3. Ok yea I just looked it up and found an article about it saying that one woman in the UK (and she was black) died during child birth due to PREGNANCY COMPLICATIONS. I'm sorry but women of every single race and every single ethnic group can have complications with pregnancy and end up dieing. Its never anyones fault when that happens it's literally just the luck of the draw.

  4. The idea that Brown people can't be rahcist is a fucking LIE. I swear on everything that is holy that when I lived in Ecuador, the first restaurant I went to was a chain restaurant called, "Menestras del Negro", and the mascot was a cartoon image of an Afro-Ecuadorian, with tar-black skin, GIGANTIC bright red lips, and a huge, exaggerated smile on his face. Another time, I was taking a walk with my American friends, and their Ecuadorian host mothers. And this Brown, South American woman said these exact words to us in Spanish: "Oh, never go down this street because there's a lot of drugs…and Black people". I didn't hesitate to tell her how fucked up that was, but since I was surrounded by these cowardly woketivists, they didn't say ANYTHING because it was more important for them to not criticize someone's culture, than it was to stand up for what was right. All the indigenous folks lived in poverty and were treated like shit. People were open, completely shameless about their rahcism and xenophobia and would just say shit out of NOWHERE. Indigenous women were used as maids and nannies, taken away from their families, and treated like charity cases, living in tiny Harry Potter-ass closets within fucking mansions owned by Mestizos (mixed European and Ecuadorians). Here's something I really couldn't believe: Black people were literally living in their own villages that were basically reservations, far away from the cities, with shitty education and housing. Ecuador is not a 3rd-world country, either. They have plenty of money. I left so furious at the White, American liberals there for excusing this shit. Oh, and everyone I met openly talked about their HATRED toward immigrants, particularly from Colombia. Boo, I'm just tryna get a haircut. Why you tellin' me how much you hate Columbians and how they're ruining your country??? To this day, I have never seen or heard so much blatant bigotry in all my life. No wonder so many Black folks don't wanna travel! Damn…

  5. Has a Mexican who has lived in Mexico most of his life, i can tell you right now that when we say "Negrito" its never in a disrespectful way. Whenever we add an "Ito" at the end of every word we say it as appreciation. For example, lets say a guys name is Carlos. A normal person would refer to them as Carlos, but a person who has some type of appreciation for that person might perhaps refer to him as Carlitos.

    Sure, still does not make it okay, but i also want to point out the fact that we're two different cultures, two different countries, in your eyes it might be racist, but here in México its never intended on that way. Im not saying theres not racist people in Mexico, because sadly there is. But i just wanted to clarify that for some people who might not understand completely the culture of Mexico. And no we dont do it with african american people only. We refer to chinese people as Chinito, or Chinita sometimes as well and its not in a bad or disrespectful manner even though some people from other countries who didnt grew up in mexico might feel that way, incouding Mexican related people who grew up in California or a chicano state or city. Mexican and Mexican American culture are bery different but also very similar in some other ways

  6. The reason I want people to speak English cuz y'all multi-lingual mfs be talking ish right to a person's face with a smile in a but different language ? talking extra reckless and loud sometimes too if they know no one can understand them

  7. Honestly, all black people should just have a hair-revolution right now! Braids, coils, twist, corn rows. Everyone. Judges, cashiers, teachers, news anchors, politicians, the military. Everyone!!! And all the rest of us should join in!!! A few months (or however long it takes) of only traditionally black hair styles as far as the eye can see. We need an over load so everyone can just get their fill, get over it and move on. Move on ppl!!! I can not believe that today, in 2020, you would still receive shade (or worse) due to your choice of hair style. Do we not have real issues to tackle??? Get over the hair and leave ppl alone. Their hair, their business! Repeat after me: "Their hair, their business!" ? ❤️

  8. I somehow stumbled upon y’all and I couldn’t be more thankful! I spend so much time laughing hysterically to the response you guys come up with thank you, truly thank you for making this ole girl laugh so hard!! ? I love you guys!

  9. I dont have a problem with people speaking another language. But i do have a problem with people who live here for 10 plus years and dont have enough respect for our culture to even bother to learn it. There are people who I migrate here, move into communities of people that speak their native language and never learn to speak english/French. In my opinion a basic understanding of the countries language should be part of any citizenship test.

  10. We have to stop acting like these black people in the media and on YouTube crying racism every other second speak for all black people.