How Canada Went Offline Yesterday…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at the great Canadian disconnect when nearly over a third of the nation lost access to Internet services. Why? Let’s find out! Thanks for watching!
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  1. The worst part all of this is that we pay more than almost every other country in the world for our wireless services, but the actual service we receive is worse than some third world countries……

  2. I heard that companies like Interact that got highly affected by this crash will now use a backup ISP in case that sort of this happens again. Proof that those sorts of companies relies too much on Rogers.

  3. unfortunately in my local area in USA upstate NY, there is only ONE telecom service and thats spectrum. they were getting sued a few years back because of this but somehow that miraculously never was mentioned again. bribery. i hope spectrum is burnt to the ground. a digital monopoly is still a monopoly, local or national or global. IT IS ILLEGAL and they are getting away with it. time to blow some stuff up.

  4. We have a similar monopoly issue in telecom services in Australia. About 44% of Australians are using phones on Telstra's service. I can't find an exact number, but the percentage of people who get their NBN service through Telstra is quite high, too.

  5. How can monopolies exist in ostensibly capitalist countries? TIK History did a video about this topic. In short, Monopolist Capitalists and Socialists have similar objectives. They both like government-sanctioned monopolies (no competition) and captive markets. By voting Socialist, you are guaranteeing you are stuck with the monopoly you are currently have no choice to use.

  6. Are these incidents happening more frequently recently or is it just my invisible tinfoil hat manipulating my perception?
    The facebook incident, the cloudflare incident, now this.
    Almost feels like a test run for something… :3

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