How CDC’s Vaccine Safety Missed Cases of Myocarditis | ID doc Dr. Katie Sharff discusses new study

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Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. They didn't care…they knew what was happening, but didn't want anyone to know because the money was more important to big pharma….and big pharma controls our institutions like the CDC and FDA.

  2. Outpatient? I was denied care and turned away from walkin clinics for my vaccine injuries because they were Covid symptoms. I have never had Covid. I tested that week 3 times purposely to have it on record thatI didn't have Covid

  3. CDC, WHO, FDA, all part of NWO, WEF.
    Obfuscation, manipulation, intimidation, deciet, diversion, division, deffimation.
    The Sons of Perdition are claiming their Kingdoms. Covid is just the cover story while they dismantle democracy.

  4. I am an M.D. ….It takes a long, difficult time to report to VAERS..I know and was censored and removed from these platforms for saying this and for quoting Fauci and the CDC and FDA..In fact, this post may be "hidden"..Show me by telling me if it is visible and you see it…What was my "crime"??.. Read what independent facts were posted…Medical doctors like Dr.Fauci and me were incorrectly told vaccines are totally safe, totally work, and have no side effects..

    My chef knows and can name every ingredient in my soup…My doctor cannot name even 1 ingredient in my vaccines…I am an M.D. from Florida,USA..Facial diapers and the Mask dictators and this mask propaganda and Pfizer and vaccines and boosters have failed…

    Pediatricians get paid with a kickback from the HMOs for vaccinating your kids..Did Pfizer lie???..Cheat???…Hide the problems???.. Did (y)our FDA and CDC and Fauci????….Remind Pfizer or Mr.Science of the facts or prove me wrong….I have natural immunity now I am NOT vaccinated and Not contagious..

    Like Queen Elizabeth, Pres. Trump, and over 3 Billion people, I have Lifetime Immunity…I got COVID this year for 2 days and was cured in 2 days with Zinc, Vitamin C & D, and the Nobel Prize-winning medicine from the M.D. , known as the Joe Rogan "I" Pills"…I am an M.D. that treats Covid patients…

    Fauci has not treated patients in almost 40 years…Fauci has 1 order= take vaccines and then boosters forever..The Chinese ALPHA (SARS-CoV2) evolved over 2 years into DELTA which evolved into "OMICRON", a benign childhood common cold for most of the world…Vaccines against ALPHA do not work…

    Masks do not work…Spreading 6 ft. apart does not work..In over 400 TV interviews Fauci has not told us how to improve our immune system..I got Covid in 2021 and was cured in less than 3 days with the legal human pills ordered by my M.D. that won the NOBEL PRIZE and has been safely taken for over 20 years by over 4 Billion people..I immediately recovered my taste and smell with ZINC..

    I worked at Tuskeegee treating the survivors after the US Nuremberg experiments were revealed..

    I am an M.D and have more vaccine facts for your viewers/supporters…

    Vaccines DO NOT work..


    My mother was an R.N…She was Head Nurse for the ER …She voted in every election…She went to every PTA meeting for the 5 of us..She stopped giving vaccines when she saw the reactions..She would not trust or believe the Chinese or W.H.O. or Fauci..

    My sister was an charge of the Vaccination Department for the County Health Dept. She and her staff gave 100,000's of vaccines and then quit when she saw the reactions…She would not believe or trust China or W.H.O. or Fauci.

    My wife was an R.N. and she did not believe Fauci either..

    My 2 brothers were M.D.'s= OB-GYNs bringing life into the world and they did not believe Fauci and stopped giving vaccines when they saw the reactions..

    I am also an M.D. and my children, mother, and brother have had these reactions with prior vaccines..I will not discuss my side effects..I work on the front line treating patients face-to-face but did not take the COVID mRNA vaccines…

    In 2021 I got COVID and I was cured with 'SPIvermectin' ($18).- Now I am now blocked from FDA & CDC & CNN & Facebook–What did I say–"Research what FAUCI says…Research what I say."I am seeing co-workers, friends, and patients with COVID vaccine side effects…

    COVID vaccines are not what we were promised.Did you ever wonder why Fauci has never told us how to improve our immune system in 450 TV interviews?I wish we had mandatory Vitamin C and vitamin D and Zinc and SPIvermectin, being considered by the politicians instead of mandatory, forced vaccines and boosters forever and mandatory mask mandates that are planned…

    Fauci funded Gain of Function GMO mutant, lethal viruses and Paid to torture baby puppies..Don’t be me.

    Remember, as an M.D., let me tell you what parents, politicians, teachers, neighbors, the media, and even doctors didn’t know.. We did not know that Vaccines had not been tested…

    We did not know the ingredients of vaccines. We did not know enough to research vaccines before vaccinating my own children..We did not know that vaccines were given a blanket indemnity from liability in 1986 (they cannot be sued)..

    We did not know that we gave more vaccines than any other country…We did not know that we are the only country that gives newborn babies Hepatitis B vaccines ( against a sexually transmitted disease) on the 1st day of life..We did not know that the US has the highest rate of SIDS in the industrialized world on the 2nd day of life… We did not know that we had more autism than any other country..We did not know that Vaccines could injure an infant's brain (encephalitis) .. We did not know that vaccines can result in autoimmunity and neurological damage..We did not know that the much-ballyhooed fallacy of ''herd immunity'' does NOT apply to vaccines and is a myth created by the CDC and by Merck Vaccine Company for the media to tell us is the reason to get vaccines..We did not know that Vaccines have almost NO effect after about four years and the new COVID vaccine only lasts 4 months..We did not know that more college students are getting mumps and measles because they have no protection from these childhood illnesses from their vaccines….We did not know that the measles vaccine only comes in the MMR now but the single version of just the measles vaccine was safer and not causing autism..We did not know that Dr.Wakefield was proven to be right…We did not know that when adults get their DPT vaccines to visit their grandchildren that the "P" pertussis = whooping cough infection is actually still alive in them then and they are then contagious like "Typhoid Mary'', and these adults are actually carrying the infection and then spreading pertussis=whooping cough…We did not know how emotional the topic would be and how angry people would be at me for just asking questions about Vaccine Safety..I did not know that pediatricians do not even know the vaccine ingredients, like mercury, aluminum, and Human DNA and neurotoxic aluminum molecules and glyphosate…We did not know that pediatricians were paid a ''kick-back'' to give vaccines.We did not know there was a law to report vaccine reactions but almost zero pediatricians know that and about zero vaccine reactions are ever reported.We did not know it was called VAERS (look it up)…I did not know that there is a "Vaccine Court" that doles out money to vaccine victims…I did not know that it has already paid out over $$$ 4 Billion dollars .. We did not know that the CDC owned the Patents on vaccines and earned billions of dollars a year selling vaccines worldwide.We did not know that the US government promised countries financial aid only if they ordered their people to take the CDC's vaccines and the US CDC now controls the W.H.O. and the vaccine makers now control the CDC..WTH!!.. I did not know how angry at myself I would be for not knowing..We did not know that the CDC committed fraud…We did not know that it would take a CDC whistleblower to discover the CDC fraud… We did not know that Merck committed fraud repeatedly…I bet you did not know that the mercury and aluminum in vaccines is connected to brain inflammation and brain inflammation is connected to autism and connected to my mother's Alzheimer's (everyone's Alzheimer's) ..I did not know that a flu vaccine could kill you like it killed my brother by causing Guillain-Barre Paralysis.. We did not know how much mainstream media would censor the independent research.. I did not know it would take me so many years to wake up…We did not know how fast and furious the vaccine makers would be to smear excellent doctors and researchers that showed unsafe side-effects, just like what happened when Vioxx and Thalidomide and DDT and cigarettes were questioned..We did not know that the CDC has never studied a group that is divided into a ''vaccinated group'' and compared them to an ''unvaccinated group''..We did not know that every other independent researcher who has done the comparison between those 2 groups has shown that the UN-vaccinated group is healthier and the VAXinated group has many times more asthma, SIDS, auto-immune diseases, ADD, ADHD, autism, chronic rashes, deadly allergic reactions to peanuts, milk, beef, latex, etc. and their parents need to carry Epi-Pens..We did not know that the Vaccine researchers studied African children and found that the children there who GOT vaccinated, especially with the CDC's DPT vaccine were 5 times (Yes, five times) for likely to die before the age of 5.We did not know that the doctors on every news show who are the vaccine maker's mouthpieces were actually getting millions from the vaccine profits and were never questioned or exposed ….Prove me wrong

  5. Hoping that people notice that whatever speaker they have on these vaccines, they always march in lock step to promote the vaccines and glorify them…as they talk about the nasty side effects. De-platforming is an unthinkable fate for these bloggers!

  6. It takes 30 minutes of unbillable time for a medical professional to submit a VAERS report online. Most healthcare corporations actively discourage their employees from taking the time to report adverse reactions for this reason alone. While reporting adverse reactions is supposedly mandatory, there is zero enforcement and zero financial incentive to do so. Of course under reporting would be rampant under these conditions. It is almost as if the system was designed to fail.

  7. You cannot "improve "vaccine" safety" as long as the CDC continues to withhold critical data from the public, and as long as VAERS fails to operate as a signaling mechanism, and as long as companies withhold and redact their EUA data. Informed consent is impossible under these conditions, therefore no physician can make any sort of recommendation regarding the jabs. And, still the captured agencies continue with the inquisition against the authors and signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration. The Technocrats have zero credibility, and there is nothing they can do to restore what they have squandered in the last two years with these insane policies.

    The dataset exists for myocarditis, such as it is. But, the raw data has been withheld from physicians, researchers, and the general public. Why? Obviously, it does not support the technocrat's claims of safety and efficacy. This is anti-Science.

  8. If you think this is a mistake and not a cover up your very foolish. If citizens did what government has we be in jail for life. And they’re still telling people to get boosted! It’s sickening

  9. So much under reporting and here they are making all these assumptions. Our bodies have involved for far longer then this mRNA science. I truly believe is you take care of your body then your body will take care of you. There is a time and place when someone should be vaccinated,,,,the elderly. Stop promoting these vaccines. Go talk to people who are suffering from these vaccines. This pfizer is not a vaccine but a flew shot. I never took the flew shot and I’m not about to start now. I got Covid and I was fine. Have symptom for a week and that’s it.

  10. Dr. Paul Offit, FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee, recently (Janauar 24th) here on YouTube in an interview stated. "If the goal of the vaccine is to prevent severe illness, … this vaccine continued to do that" (usually no need for a booster). and: "there is no evidence, that a 3rd dose [booster] increases the protection against severe Covid for healthy, under age of 50 persons".

  11. Since there is delayed billing and delayed diagnosis as you mentioned, please tell me why you would not follow the patients to the current date you are pulling data? How many did you miss due to your cut off of 30 days? Clearly you said adverse events were missed when the cut off was 21 days compared to 30 days.

  12. The REAL problem is being misdiagnosed. I have a support group full of neurological adverse effects and half are being diagnosed with FND and anxiety. I was diagnosed with anxiety and that’s it. I now know I have very high levels of inflammatory cytokines which is causing systemic endothelial inflammation. Honestly after seeing 7 different specialists and being gaslight, these doctors are not digging deep enough on purpose.

  13. I'm sorry, Dr Prasad, but you're full of it. You both are. Why are you so insistent on these "vaccines"? Please stop pushing people to get vaxxed. You must know that this is not a true vaccine, and is still in the testing stages. NOBODY is a "sitting duck", except the poor people who have been coerced to take this shot. You said "There are things we don't know". That's for sure. You are just turning a blind eye to the many, many vax injuries, not just myocarditis, but all the other serious issues. I have seen many people beg their doctor to take their injuries seriously, and the doctors turn their back on them. Only between one and ten percent of vaccine injuries are ever reported, so your figures are way off anyway. I have not had ANY of these jabs, and I will not ever get them.

  14. @19:28 If you're 80 years old (or under 2), how are you even sero-converting? 80 year olds don't sero-convert to other shots; such as the flu shot. It's essentially a saline injection for that age group. Placebo effect?

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