How China F***ed Up

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I lived in China during the golden period. China was slowly opening up, and silently growing wealth. It wasn’t without fault, but it was not even close to the international image that China has in 2021. Here is a timeline of modern Chinese leadership, and how the framework for an oppressive authoritarian dictatorship was always there.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. I do not agree that one man was guilty of a crime. Every soldier who kills are guilty of every death that was not done in self-defence. This applies to all things. Personal responsibility goes in all directions.

  2. They are fucking up with our country , Myanmar, one of the neighboring countries, too.
    They support the military power of our country and the military government which is just growing problem for us today.

  3. As a British person, Chines companies flock to Britain and buy up all our small tech companies, although China does not allow one British firm to buy a Chinese company, now that is a double standard.

  4. Holy shit, I didn’t know Mao was so fucking based.

    Massive respect to the great Chairman, moving China on the Golden path towards global unity.

    Heck, why are we even fighting them? American-Chinese alliance now!

  5. & China is our neighbor with a border conflict stretching almost 3500km & it provides funds, arms & international support to our terrorist neighbors like Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh.

  6. I’ve been following you and serpentza for a long, long time now. Almost 5 years! I watched your videos before I moved to China and while I lived there, as well as when I came back.
    I just want to say, I’ve really enjoyed seeing your videos and how both you and serpentza have grown and how mature your channels are now. Keep up the great work man!!

  7. I don't usually condemn a person based on looks, but why do all the leaders in china look like they came directly from hell? I mean very evil-looking and in no way based on looks that they can be a good person?

  8. Their news channels have had their licenses revoked in the U.K. due to it being nothing short of propaganda (and we allow fox!) and we have made statements in recent weeks calling out their treatment to Hong Kong and uighurs. We have also issued a joint statement of support with Japan, Taiwan and other China sea nations over their encroachment and threats.

    The pincers are tightening around xitler. Stay strong folks, this blight will be gone within a decade and the people will be free