How Did Germany Got Dependant On Russian Gas?

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. The Germans have been the bane of Europe going back 1500 years. From the sack of Rome to two world wars to now all this mess, Germany keeps destroying Europe over and over and over and over and over. Forget the JQ, we need to ask the GQ.

  2. Next time have Putin on for balance. Project Syndicate (PS), a group both that Soros and the Bill Gates fund are pushing the "remedy" of "climate lockdown" to preempt climate change unless we have a "green economic transformation" under which we do so voluntarily. Putin could tell you it wasn't him. Lot's of people have destroyed themselves by siding with the globalists against the clear good guy.

  3. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!! IM NOT CRAZY!!!!!!! I was called a crazy conspiracy nut and nazi because i truly believed that the greens were funded by Russia and that the "Atomausstieg" was a KGB psyop, I KNWE IT ALL ALONG!!!
    It was the only explanation how suddenly we bacme anti nuclear and extremely green without a propper energy supply. I asked myself who would benefit from that and only one suspect came to mind AND I FUCKEN KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Thanks! I wanted more EU content! Anyone else know any good English language youtubers that cover both the EU, and the sovereign individual nations?

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