How Did We Miss This?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken about “a slippage in our democracies” and the rise of authoritarian leaders, in relation to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This, without a single hint of irony.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Trudeau who believes the US stooge Juan Guaido is the leader of the Venezuelan people who have rejected him. Trudeau, who claims to support human rights while supplying war materials to be used against the population of Yemen..

  2. You actually have 5.24 million subscribers and growing. Well done! The hypocrisy of Trudeau is infamous. He is not worthy of his office in a sovereign and free Canada. We hope the next federal election sees him kicked to the curb.

  3. Thank you Russell. As a Canadian I recommend you look into Chrystia Freeland as well. As the deputy Prime Minister she has a lot of power, it may be argued she's the one who is actually in power and Trudeau has become a figurehead.

  4. For those of you outside of Canada, Trudeau is a Montreal rich kid, son of another polarizing prime minister, Pierre Trudeau. Justin was a highly privileged frat boy party animal slacker, who flitted around and later became a drama teacher. Eastern Canadian old money elites noticed his hair and his name, and basically put the machine in motion that gave him his PM job, pretty much on a silver platter. His campaigns were all propaganda case studies, with plenty of smears for the other side, including fear tactics and all kinds of misinformation and disinformation (to use those words he mentioned in his "slippage" message). In spite of this blatant hypocrisy, and countless other controversies Trudeau is directly responsible for – I actually don't think Trudeau is smart enough to see himself in any of those accusations he is making. Anyway, I could go on, Justin Trudeau is one of the biggest douchebags in Canadian history. His supporters are all either totally stupid, or in on this con job that will some day flush the nation down the toilet!

  5. Lol, why am I feeling this video/content like this should be a daily mandatory class for politicians, gov officials etc. to educate what's truly a danger to democracy. Democracy's nowdays been long lost due corruption well actually it's like it never truly existed as long there're ambitious as powerhungry sharks/predators playing a pig to eat a tiger, especially with people like this that behave like thugs when they feel like doing so & even feel proud & more emboldened etc. because of it. It's pretty only an ideal to use as a tool to get what they want, once they get in power things get worser & worser.

    Often I feel like facepalming & staying far away seeing these ugly things. I've long got very disinterested in anything called polictics, news related to that etc. as it's often a farce & full of manipulation, corruption etc.

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