How Does China’s Social Credit System Work?

Everyone thinks of China’s social credit system as some sort of Black Mirror episode, while others compare it the the FICO score in the USA. It’s much, much more than that. In fact, I found the documents that highlight how it works, and how it affects the people of China. Not only that, but I have spent a lot of time in the first city it was implemented.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. Nice Hitler cut dude! I admit, I used to self-cut my hair like that too, mine was a bit slicker but then I just had to spray "highlighter" that works with sunlight on so the long part would get blonde … Ahh, the 90s/early 00's…

  2. Hm, in the USA if you're a veteran you get preference, also if your parents went to an elite college you get in automatically it's called "legacy" admissions. For instance apparently I could have gone to Dartmouth college because my dad went there, of course I had no idea legacy admissions were a thing until decades too late. And the biggie is, the good old capitalist class system where you can only own a house because your parents owned a house.

  3. People think communism is not Evil because they don't know what evil acts the CCP govt has been doing. Here are some of them:
    1. Forced abortion of women who have more than one child.
    2. Forced organ harvesting of prisoners of Conscience like Fa x Lun x Gong prisoners.
    3. Ethnic Genocide , Uyghurs, Inner Mongolians, Tibetans, etc.
    4. imprisonment of about 2 million Uyghurs for being Muslims in so-called re-education camps.
    5. destruction of religious buildings and Monuments especially the mosques in Xinjiang.
    6. Bullying of smaller countries in the South China Sea since a decade ago. Literally blocking fishermen from fishing in their own water. While thousands of Chinese ships fish illegally in other international waters all over the World.
    7. Building of military bases in South China Sea against International Law because they are disputed waters.
    8. Destruction of Coral reefs in the South China Sea that cannot be fixed.
    9. CCP has an official propaganda department that spreads disinformation thoughout the World
    10. Active programs to Let Han Chinese marry Uyghur to slowly assimilate the entire ethnic group
    11. Prohibition of using native dialect in school like the Mongolians. Only Chinese Mandarin will be used .
    12. Breaching of many international contracts like
    major violation of the Sino-British Joint Declaration of HKSAR. WTO rules to uphold basic human Rights and Freedom of religion, international ruling that Philippines has right over some islands in South China Sea, and the list goes on and on.
    13. Silencing whistleblowers on the Wuhan virus to this day. Nobody knows where they have been taken.
    14. anyone arrested are not allowed to contact their families. Many whistleblowers and Uyghurs have been missing for many years already.
    15. CCP China does not recognize international rule of Law.
    16. CCP govt Hiring thugs to beat up people like foreign reporters living in China, Street vendors in China, Pro-democracy supporters in HK and Taiwan, even those living in USA. CCP spends a LOT of money just for this.
    17. illegally taking away houses, stalls and demolishing them; promising compensation but never give them a Penny, been going on for decades until now especially in Guangdong. That's why many human rights lawyers are now in jail for helping these poor people.
    18. the list goes on and on

  4. China is the future. I love this system it will correct a lot of issues. Freedom simply doesn't work in large groups, look at the United States how screwed up everything is, I hate it here in Chicago it's the worst place I've ever lived in my whole life and I was a truck driver so I've seen pretty much everything. We need to implement that here, I'm so sick of people being mouthy and disrespectful to the personnel in positions of authority. I feel that once you disobey and fail to cooperate it should be off with your head, end of story. Shut up and live your lives. All drug addicts should be executed too.

  5. I pledge allegiance to the CCP. Look at how wonderful China is compared to the United States of Shit. Good job. I'm glad to see that they got things right. Voting is too chaotic and large groups of people don't function properly in a democratic society, it simply just doesn't work, it sounds sweet but the reality is that it simply doesn't work out in the long run. Democracy is like a classroom full of 6 year old children who get to pick their own rules and regulations and even choose who the teacher is. If there isn't a single teacher (1 person who decides) then everything ends up in a big argument of a mess. The only way to truly provide structure in the long run is for the teacher to say what goes and what doesn't, end of story. Billions of people trying to be democratic is like a classroom full of 6 year old children throwing around paper and shooting spit balls with no teacher present.

  6. Just look at the U.S. for example, that's all you need to do. Trump is president all because a bunch of idiots were allowed to make decisions. What a mess. Any country who has Trump as a leader is an embarrassment to itself.

  7. Just like a credit rating in the USA. What is the difference. The powers to be controlling the sheep. Oh you went bankrupt…you need to re-establish your credit. Go out and apply for some new credit cards. BS I SAY!
    Love these videos. But……………
    Chi Nah needs to be put back to the 1930's!

  8. Youtube has you on alert shadowban, I have the bell ring for EVERYTHING you make and almost never get alerts on the day of release, only a day or two later sometimes up to a week later I get an alert.

  9. So what companies helped develop and set that system up ?

    How many were Western firms that worked on it?

    Why am I asking? Cause this is the opposite of what democracy is

  10. 中国大陆土著,从来没听说过什么社会信用系统,这个名词99%都是西方媒体在使用,视频里说的这个是天眼吧,这是帮公安破案用的。懒得解释什么,叫不醒装睡的人,晚清如此,今天的西方何尝不是。