How DuckDuckGo Was Caught Spying On You…

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! DuckDuckGo is known to be a privacy-focused brand centered around hiding your footprint from Big Tech, while they did keep your privacy from most companies they did backchannel to Microsoft. Let’s find out what happened! Thanks for watching!
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  1. This is a very cool guide and I actually feel like I learned something that I will be able to use from now on. Also I was planning on switching my OS to linux sometime this summer, and your video on that also helped me a lot in understanding how all of it works. Thumbs up!

  2. When DuckDuckGo started gaining traction, I have said on multiple occasions that it was like Facebook asking for you nudes so that they couldn't be leaked.

    Glad to hear other people have now discovered that fact as well

  3. This shows that we're never safe on the internet, not even VPNs can save us now because we're giving companies access to our personal information. Essentially exposing our sensitive data more than being out in the open. We have to learn a programming language to write our own VPN in order to be truly safe online, because the ones companies make aren't trust-worthy!

  4. The basic reason to track anyone is quite simple: Monetary Greed. Period.
    There is no longer any personal privacy anymore. Tech has taken over our lives in every facet, and tech brings in Big Brother to watch you. May not be the goverrment, I promise you someone is watching….

  5. The irony in a major company pretending to enforce privacy spying on its users is genuinely insane. However, sadly, I'm not surprised. If it wasn't for Snowden, we likely still wouldn't know the extent of how much a lot of our tech is watching us

  6. Everyone give up on trying to have privacy on the internet. Those days are gone. Modern internet infrastructure is designed to have horrible privacy. The ultimate goal of the elites was to wedge apart our independence online from the very beginning, hence why social media and big corporations slowly and subtly became the middleman of it all. Your privacy is worth way too much to pass up.

  7. the data is also sold in the deep web (by companies and/or their workers) to criminals (scammers, thieves, professional killers )(that need this data to figure out your hobbies, address, vulnerabilities and schedule so they could find better ways to target you)

  8. it would be interesting to figure out how much data one person produces in a lifetime and how much that would be worth monetarily using current standards.

    then find a way to sell your own data.

  9. Was talking about my pet parakeet that passed away to my friend the other day and later that day I got a bunch videos of budgie care in my recommendations. Another example I can think of is me talking to my friend in Spanish and later YouTube asked if the languages that were selected on the list were correct (English & Spanish).

  10. after following the process he showed, i can't seem to enable norton on firefox, i had it enabled when i installed firefox, and then did what he showed at 21:13 which pretty much reset my browser and i can''t enable norton on there now. it'd just be nice to have it on there, it blocks malicious sites, and does the general anti virus jargon, cam anyone help me out? also, adblock seems to not want to work sometimes after doing this

  11. doesn't duckduckgo just makes use of bing behind the scenes? as i understand, duckduckgo hands over your search term to bing and returns the results to you, making it look like to bing as if the search came from a duckduckgo server and not from you directly. if duckduckgo is now good or bad, i don't know. as a end user, i can't really check. and that's always bad.
    a website that has to pay server fees, does advertisement, doesn't sell anything and giving away service for free AND is easy to use? seems fishy anyway.
    you could make your own webcrawler and search the database yourself, provided you have enough time, traffic and diskspace, lol

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