How Far Will The Contempt Go?

This is an edited and updated version of a show originally posted on “In The Interests Of The People”, with Economist John Adams and I discussing the current ASIC inquiry being run in the Senate.

There were some answers provided last week to questions on notice about ASIC’s conduct in terms of trying to lobby to stop the inquiry.

But in late breaking news, and not covered in the earlier show, further questions and answers were posted late last Friday evening (putting the trash out?) demonstrating just how unwilling the Corporate Regulator is in terms of disclosure. Is this contempt?

The earlier IOTP show, where we also discuss how Crypto plays into this, is available here.

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  1. Peter Costello is one of those people who decides what happens in Australia…..after the privitisation of Telstra, he personally took control of a fund called the Futures Fund in which billions of dollars was placed there….today that fund has grown 5 times over…..he still runs it

  2. The contempt has already past the Rubicon and 'the point of no return'. From here it will just descend into political, economic and social tyranny…if the sheeple tolerate it…and sheep being sheep. they probably will.

  3. Would say again,tip of the iceberg,daily they are increasingly being exposed on a number of levels,from politicians to stacked pseudo anti-corruption bodies,get them fully under control with major penalties etc Australians asap.

  4. Its interesting in the age we live in how deep the corruption in our world goes, and for the moment, we are able to discuss it.
    20 years ago, a few people would have seen it and talked about it under the cover of darkness, but now moments like this cause great beams of light cast on the dark evil that seems to be engulfing our world.
    Its an amazing and scary time to be alive, I do hope for a bright and expansive future, but dam its looking grim atm.

  5. For those who are unaware, The Deep State = The Vatican, City of London and Washington DC, the 3 Pillars. The "Australian" Government is part of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Corporation, a Corporation registered in Washington DC, with the SEC CIK#0000805157. Politicians are employees of this Corporation and do as they are told.

  6. Senate hearings are a farce. Only when answers are compelled under the threat of contempt will we see real justice
    When will this happen ? Never

  7. Those who didn't got it yet, we don't live in a democracy, our government is far for being transparent, laws that apply to you might not apply to those with money, influence or in a position of power.
    Nothing will change till the population wakes up to the rot and take back their country and full separation of power take place once again.
    The population is fast loosing trust with the government and the outcome of this could be socking.

  8. Are you having trouble joining the dots? Can you see the similarity between the RBA's response to Senator Gerard Rennick when Senator Rennick asked for the correspondence between the RBA and the Bank of International Settlements; and the similar response by ASIC to Senator Andrew Bragg about ASIC's attempt to influence elected representatives with respect to the current inquiry? Martin is correct; Australia is a banana republic run for the interests of Western Capital. The Australian taxpayer is nothing more than a source of funds to pay the wages of these traitorous criminals, and a source of wealth that can be siphoned and transferred to the foreign masters of these fifth columnists.

  9. Thanks Mr. Martin…this is a cack even if its 20 years late…Tory Liberal Appointments trying to keep the Gravy on the plate…wot a load of BS! Close Canberra and start again Kiddies.

  10. We should all withdraw our money out of each bank all at once start by A and continue through the alphabet, , the voters should be relying upon their representatives to run the countries finances for the good of the people not the banks telling the government what to do, Australia should be self sufficient and not have their resources raped by corporate entities and if we let it happen I guess we deserve it, but as long as the MSM continues to feed the public a diet of rubbish the status quo will remain

  11. Instead of asking ASIC for the communications with Senators and staff, why don’t the recipients (the Senators and staff) simply table these communications with the committee?

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