How Fed Policy, Inflation Brought Back Austerity | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal talks with The Lever journalist David Sirota about how the Fed decisions and policy discussions in DC show how austerity has returned to the forefront of American politics

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  1. How about cutting Congresses salary there is something like 535 that make up Congress making 100k-200k annual salary with a lucrative tax payers benefit package working part time with full time pay a job that only requires them to work a 1/3 of the year to receive this salary…

  2. How do you bring down housing price's? Build more Houses! Not higher interest rates. Stop big business's from buying affordable housing! How are we hemorrhaging money for Ukraine but not have enough for our self's? Tell the Truth Rising inflation is a WORLD Problem with many contributing factor's not an American problem. Pore people are easier to control. I don't think we live in a Democracy anymore. I think we're live in a Oligarchy.

  3. I know people you don't want to believe this but our government designed the economy after the great depression on purpose to have a recession every 15 to 20 years and FDR was one of the designers

  4. Enforce the enslavement of people in China and the Middle East, and lower wages and "entitlements" in the US. Raise taxes and interest rates of the middle class, and lower taxes and provide grants for the wealthy. Allow price gauging and prevent filing for education loan bankruptcy. Our Representative Aristocracy is doing a great job!

  5. I agree with David about what some of the problems are but he avoids something that really needs to be done and that is reigning in the FED. I don't believe there is any chance of that happening as without the FED's backstop Congress would not be able to run the deficits it does and Wall Street would be a lot poorer.

  6. How long will we allow elites to dictate our financial situation? They suppress wage growth, limit access to essential goods and services, control housing prices, and expect us to beg and compete for their scraps.

  7. Fiat currency + Central Banks + Fractional Reserve Banking is the ultimate driver of liquidity creation. The only question is: how will that liquidity manifest in the real economy? Real estate bubble? Bond market insanity? Stock market bubble? Crypto blowing up to epic craziness? Take your pick. Or all of the above if you juice this sucker hard enough. The average Joe or Jane gets a wage bump at the end when it's basically useless. Thanks, Fed!

    You know, next time, why don't you be a mensch and at least use a little lube. Much appreciated.

  8. Should bring in Stoller to explain the Cantillon Effect and how that is one of the primary drivers of the current inflation, and how any policy that doesn't address this is nothing more than a "I'm alright Jack" to the working class.

  9. The social security ponzi scheme needs to end anyway. If anyone but the Imperial Federal government was running such a scam they'd have been thrown in jail with Bernie long ago.

  10. It is about time Americans stop the Federal Reserve that is a bunch of private company bankers for bankers and the fact they are attacking wages and not huge Profits CEO gouging increasing prices and rents proves it!

  11. Since so many members of our congress and Senate are so heavily invested in the stock market, NO WAY IN ABSOLUTE HELL will Joke Bygone tax ANYONE BUT the middle and lower class to fit this bill. Pure definition of conflict of interests, the wont lose money by God! Not to mention how he and most others owe the oligarchs for his position.

  12. Progressives talking about spending is maddening – David and Krystal are both smart enough to know there is no amount of taxing of the rich that will raise $31T in debt. And they know that after 2 years of spending $11T with $4T in revenue (taxes) there was no "austerity". The country is going towards bankruptcy and instead of facing the reality they are simply trying to figure out how they can spend more.

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