How frontline doctors are treating long COVID and vaccine injuries (from Livestream Q&A #129)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #129 (originally streamed live on June 04, 2022):


FLCCC Long COVID Treatment Protocol:

FLCCC Post-Vaccine Treatment Protocol:

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  1. Long-Term emotional and physical deprivation..PLUS….Constant Media Fear-Mongering is explanation enough for me…humans are much more susceptible to Psychological manipulation than is generally acknowledged.. the Multi-Billion Dollar Advertising Industry's mere existence, says it all…!

  2. low dose naltrexone has been used for years for people with chronic inflammation and pain in conditions like fibromyalgia. It's one of those relatively benign and inexpensive drugs. Interesting that fibromyalgia coukd be a vaccine injury.

  3. When I experienced my last vaccine injury, I called the place that gave it to me to report it and ask for help. Their response, "what the f do you want me to do about it?" And then hung up on me. I didn't have insurance so I couldn't go see a doctor. For three days I experienced black outs, seizures, and my legs would give out when I tried standing. No one would help and everyone would just hung up on me.

  4. Oh hey – I was thinking out revisiting this whole subject around c0vid today. Personally, I don’t really want to take the booster – I’ve been double vaxxed and infected with it already, I’m relatively healthy too so there doesn’t seem to be a need for me to get one.

    Of course, my parents want me to get it for their sake – hence comes the confusing argument that while it doesn’t stop you infecting others, it reduces your symptoms and therefore stops you from infecting others (contrary to what evidences show…).

    I was fortunate to not get any bad reactions to the shots – but I still can’t shake the bad feeling I’ve got in regards to it.

    Yeah I’ll probably never be a medical professional or gain years of experience in the medical sciences – but it’s not meant to be this confusing, is it?

  5. I stayed on the FLCCC protocol while infected with COVID (delta).
    My good Dr. Prescribed ivm
    Other Dr. Prescribed ZPAK, steroid
    Checked my O2 levels, blood pressure
    Nac, quercitin, k2, zinc, vitamin C.
    My nurse practitioner warned me don't take the jab (clot shot).
    I'm completely cured .
    I will send the FLCCC a donation so they can help others😊🙏🙋💕😳👍🕊️😁

  6. Everything the FL Drs said would work the hospitals did just the opposite and it was on purpose! Their Protocols set in place by the CDC and our government were killing people and they knew it! Just like the vaccines! All for power, control & financial gain. And anything and everything else suggested by other Doctors or specialists was banned from the public and then lied about to the works through the talkings heads of the controlled media outlets! Disgraceful.

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