How Governments Try To Control People! with NSA Whistle-blower BILL BINNEY!

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  1. I want to know what they got from Tesla’s estate that they’re not talking about? Tesla discovered the free production of energy which would have made him dangerous.

  2. Michael Brooks and David Graeber both died young of freak gastrointestinal hemorrhages. Ricin is an established poison used in assassinations, causes such hemorrhages, and is nearly untraceable. While I don't like espousing tin foil hat speculation, given the track record of our deep states, I think its cause for concern. Regardless and despite the Hollywood and media propaganda they keep us safe, the real track record of the deep states in our countries and others is they've caused many wars, ruined democracies, and resulted in large number of deaths and suffering, outside of their illegal and illegitimate extrajuducial murders. Its plain at this point they are the henchmen of a corrupt capitalist-imperialist system and would rather suck the balls of corporate swine than serve our Lady Liberty. With the advancement of extremely powerful AI technologies, biowarfare, and quantum computing, the nations of this world better wake up soon before they lose control completely…we simply cannot afford to maintain rogue and publicly unaccountable organizations if we want any world in the future worth living in or have even one to live in.

  3. Trafficking of operatives by regional citizens councils is common. Klan.
    Put out a request for individuals experiences. There are examples similar to Vera Lengsfeld & her secretly delegated STASI husband in America.
    You'll find relationships & marriages that were covertly arranged paralleling this NSA & local klan methodology.

  4. The guy is great besides the fact he voted for trump, kind of a deal breaker for me but it makes sense why seeing how the fbi under the Obama admin raided his home.

  5. They do so with a hive of useful idiots that suppress dissent, they harass and torture dissenters; whistleblowers (snitches), these minions are used to subvert the rule of law, and serve as a measure to avoid accountability of the institution. You see the political factions from the surface broadcasted on the news on both fronts. Speaking of which, the news media is another device of control. Information is key to controlling the weak minded, socially conditioned modern day American. The media is corporately controlled, corporations are run by the ruling elite, who just so happen to run the bureaucratic state. The bureaucratic state helps fund these political militia/factions that push political agenda, and that is how it all comes together.

    Above the water we have the military industrial complex and policing, and beneath the surface we have organized crime syndicate networks, which are means of 'use of force'.

  6. Very interesting subject. It really presents a catch-22. I mean if someone is doing illegal activity be it drug running or sex trafficking or whatever and the only way we find out about it is through illegal spying and then stopped the person through other means, in the end that's good but of course it's a slippery slope. Not sure how I feel about this one.

  7. Deep State are long-term government employees, long enough that they outlast presidents terms, whose job functions (well at least one of which) is the peaceful transition of power.

  8. It's compromised through years of favoritism and the middle management directors who behold leadership by appointmenting fake supervisors to keep one step away from policy breaking. As a result, those managers funnel tax money right to their friends. The leader family head protects it's 6 figure salaries, while the middle managers do the funneling. Then they groom a culture of rewards through high paid unqualified young people followers, or a group that never has to come into work.

  9. Tin foil hats being put on as we speak. “The thing “was a directed energy kind of listening device that had a remote energy device cia didnt figure it out for years. Placed in us embassy in mscow

  10. Another wstly governments try to control youe brhaviour, is by (excise) taxes.
    "We the people", indofarvas thet exists can't control government by with holding payment, because if we try that, we go to jail.

  11. I read the examples of so-called energy weapons are most likely "just" advanced eavesdropping by actively monitoring soundwaves from a distance as opposed to using a microphone.

  12. Read about the most terrifying event in our history – the Paradise fires. DEWs were used and Trump absolutely had to have advance knowledge of this and might have even sanctioned it. The photographic evidence is the most damning I have ever seen.

  13. There's a book called CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys that claims Oswald and Sirhan were programed under MKUltra and didn't actually carry out the assassinations. Not into conspiracies generally but this one seems plausible.