How Henry Kissinger controlled the most powerful people in the world | Jeremi Suri and Lex Fridman

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Jeremi Suri is a historian at UT Austin.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. Weird stuff. How do you talk twenty minutes about HK and not mention any of his crimes? How is it possible for a "scholar" to give an interview about a man who shares responsibility for the murder of hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people without mentioning the core legacy of his life?

  2. Kissinger and the Ivy League NOBS (Nefarious Old Boys Societies) will not be remembered fondly in history.
    Ever heard of The Business Plot of 1933?

    Gerald MacGuire trying to bribe Smedley Butler?
    "Show me the money!"

    Wonder what Smedley would think about Citizens United, Cheney and Haliburton, Obama and the oil pipelines and uranium mines, Clinton's speeches to Wallstreet, and Trump's connections?  🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. In terms of humans killing humans the 20th century was the deadliest century in human history. Much more so than the Dark Ages or the many conquering Empires. Advances in technology and communication and science didn't make humans less barbaric or those with power less corrupt. So it doesn't matter what your political, religious, social beliefs or preferences are, because all of those things are irrelevant.

  4. Why are y’all comparing Joe and Lex? It makes no sense. Both men are interviewing whomever they choose. They’re different people who have different types of interviews with different types people about the things they’re personally interested in. The comparisons are stupid. No one compares Bob Barker to Pat Sajak or Dave Chapelle to Patrice O’Neil. You people are so quick to force feed adversary relations, rather than enjoy the unique qualities and conversations each individual bring to the table. Why the fuck would you want two different men to bring the same content? That’s dull. It’s limiting to yourself and them. 🙄

  5. All people of power we'll have a degree from Harvard or another major college like Princeton that is where the elite are chosen. The majority come from Harvard because it's a law college.. lawyers write the laws for the rich and Powerful

  6. What's funny/scary is that he willingly sat on the board of Theranos, making it look credible. Heck, even Joe Biden and Bill Clinton slapped their stamp of approval on one of the most obvious shams in start-up history. And these people have pulled the strings that made multiple wars happen, with millions suffering inhumane consequences… And people call me stupid for questioning such people's motives?

  7. Henry Kissinger was taken under the wing of David Rockefeller one of the most powerful men on the planet at that time. That is the key aspect of his career. He was a Rockefeller Agent. Period.

  8. I think maybe Henry Kissinger is writing the script for — SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE AND ELLEN ? SARA SILVERMAN ? OPRAH ?THE DAILY SHOW ? Come on! Why doesn't any body in that clearly there obvious to all of us , GROUP say – china is communist , and they suck , Comunism will never work ! It is against the laws of the nature of the universe . There will always be evil in and amongst the good , that is why , Comunism cant work , except for people like KISSINGER ,or SOROS . .

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