How Hillary personally oversaw one of Russiagate’s biggest fakes

Former CIA officer and veteran antiwar activist Ray McGovern joins Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal to discuss explosive new revelations showing the direct role of Hillary Clinton and her top staffers in ginning up one of the key deceptions of the Russiagate intelligence scam, and selling it to uncritical corporate media hacks.

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  1. When are the congressional and senatorial investigation committees to begin and all the people involved go to prison like the Watergate hearings??? When is our government’s apology letter to Putin and the Russian Government going to be sent. What about all the sanctions and economic damage done to Russia??? When will that be rectified??? This is election tampering with serious international issues. Mueller must be involved as well because his multimillion dollar investigation did not uncover this. This is by far much worse than Watergate. We are in a @%#& cold war with a major nuclear power who has more nuclear warheads than we do!!! The Hunter Biden laptop also tampered with the election. Our government needs to recall that $40 billion dollars back from Ukraine now. Trumps whole presidency was ruined and the media needs to be investigated and some MSM CEO’s need to go to prison as well for spreading misinformation and collusion to defraud the American People!!!! Assange needs released now from prison. Our whole government has been corrupted. When will the 2020 election to be redone.
    Thanks to your investigations and reporting many of us have been screaming out the truth since 2016-2017. I am so damn mad and want justice!!!!

  2. @RayMcGovern: Having to pass a purity test before speaking that you TOO suffer from TDS, shows that you need to try harder to remain objective. What does is matter if Trump was "the worst president" (stated without evidence)? It makes you into an ideologue instead of an investigator. Plus minimising it as a "hoax" or "crock" rather than "Conspiracy to commit fraud" doesnt come across well. All I can do to counter is to quote president Trump with "Lock-her-up".

  3. Russiagate was born of Hillary's hangover after election night. Remember how she was too drunk to make a concession speech and sent creepy John Podesta to make it in her stead?

  4. It seems that everything in America at the moment is nothing more than MIRAGES and the people there are so desperate for whatever that is missing in their lives that they can only see what they want to see instead of BRUTAL REALITY THAT IS COMING! How long can this be sustained before their whole universe implodes! There are already undeniable signs of it appearing everywhere in American society now! The major cause of this impending collapse of society which will result in unstoppable mass chaos and unrest is the incompetency and selfishness of the people in charge in every level of government whom unwilling to do what they were elected to do in fear of losing their own piece of the rotten cake.

  5. Consider that these are the problems we have when we are represented by 435 Representatives that consider themselves better and more important than the rest of us. We have been stuck at 435 for 100 years where as the Constitution says we get no more than 1 per 30,000. Who wouldn't want more representation? Are we going to be stuck with 435 representatives for another 100 years? Don't ask the House Of Representatives to fix it we have to do it ourselves.

  6. Global warming a lie too. Find out more at Oppenheimer Ranch Project. Grand solar minimum, magnetic pole shifting and the earth’s magnetic shield is weakling. I have a lot to learn

  7. What exactly would the repercussions be for Mrs Clinton?
    And if any, Let's hope, that it's after Biden leaves office and the next president has no wish to pardon her. If it comes to that. Sad thing is, The damage has been done. Reversing that, might be even more difficult.
    And what's the chance, Clinton and her cohorts didn't look over plan b, if they got caught?

  8. Yeah, as despicable as it was, the Hilary plan worked. And they are likely to get away with it with only reputation damage in the eyes of us the deplorables.

  9. McGovern’s vibe is that he seems to be enjoying watching the crimes against the President he says is the worst ever (and the people). And he’s enjoying his self righteousness coming from calling out the crimes. Yes, both at the same time. Odd man. I don’t trust him.

  10. Let's not forget about Peter Strzok (FBI agent) and Lisa Page (FBI lawyer). They certainly contributed to this fiasco. Both having a relationship together and working towards launching operation "crossfire hurricane." I forget all the intimate details but it resulted in a hearing and a bunch of shame cast onto the FBI.
    Oh those were good times.

  11. BBC had her on not so long ago 🤮🤮🤮Nothing about Libya or Russia gate.
    This being airbrushed under Ukraine = WMD =Weapon of Mass Distraction
    It's shit living under the jackboot of the #BBCScumpire
    Social history being recorded like never before in humanities history. Thanks for doing and sharing this #MHLivingHistory

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