How Hollywood is Censoring YOUR Movies for China

Hollywood is bowing down to China in the biggest of ways. China has the majority of the worlds movie market, so movie companies are self-censoring for access to the Chinese market. Here are some big examples of censorship.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. My encounter with Hollywood censorship is in the movie WWZ where in the original story the zombie virus came from mainland China and was spread to the west by human organ sales. However in the movie Brad Pitt blamed it on Taiwan. It was then that I knew this movie is a sellout to China.

  2. Funny how "face" is so important to the Chinese government that they censor drying underwear, but they don't care what the world thinks of them when they threaten everyone around them, their predatory lending habits, their influence on foreign governments and blatant theft of intellectual property.

  3. Recently read "Neanderthal Man" by Svante Paabo, the researcher who's team sequenced the Neanderthal genome and was able to prove that Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis intermingled. Anyway, Svante Paabo talks about his bisexuality in the book which was completely censored. To me, that was a new low, the fact that publishers are so afraid of censorship that they will self-censor a line in a science book.

  4. Speaking of Star Wars, why do you think there were 2 new chinese characters and kung foo fighting in Rogue One? Its pretty blatant what Disney was doing with that.

  5. Anybody seen butthurt Germans due to Nazi cliches? No, Wolfenstein and Glorious Bastards were huge successes! Anybody who shies away from their own history and blocks out everything they don't like is a huge cunt.

  6. The CHICOMS own Hollywood and the movies are GARBAGE. Hollywood people are some of the most despicable people around. I avoide movies and haven't watched TV in many years.

  7. I didn’t know the back story behind red dawn but I remember watching it and saying it’s not possible for North Korea to take over the US.. for me the plot would have made sense if it was China or Russia.. damn thanks for the clarity..

  8. Remember when they censored South Park for their episode on China? I heard about when I was in China and I used a vpn to watch the video.. it’s really hilarious?

  9. Dose anyone know if Schindler‘s list and any other movies about the truth of the Nazi party have been banned , because the actions of the nazi party could been as similar to the CCP

  10. More people need to know about what China has been doing. I’ve been following channels like this since 2016 and it’s astonishing what China gets away with. Especially the part where they hack and steal literally everything and anything. Even Russia doesn’t trust them with their technology anymore. I’m talking about the S-400 missile defense system. They were supposed to sell China a certain amount but now with all the intellectual theft they have been engaging in, Russia is having second thoughts. China has always taken Russian weapons and slapped their own name on it and called it theirs. Pretty pathetic.

  11. The big greedy corporations are almost always owned by shareholders. Shareholders who watch your video, nod fervently in agreement and then get absolutely pissed when the fund they invested in doesn't earn them profit. Potential shareholder/fund investors will look for opportunities that earn them money, they won't invest their capital to stand up for moral values.
    Norway's Oil Fund is the only major investor that I'm aware of who isn't solely focused on profit. And you cant buy your way in it even if you wanted to

  12. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has quietly infiltrated all over the world, portrayed themselves as a victim while they commit atrocities. The world is slowly seeing the truth, thank you for your videos.