How Hunter’s $30M Chinese Deals “Enriched the Entire Family”: Peter Schweizer | Facts Matter

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  1. Been following this since just before election was stolen so I know nothing will happen no one held accountable (in the world but they’ll have to face God one day) I’m betting the Democrats will burn the system down before midterms.

  2. I don't know anything about Hunter Biden and I am skeptical of a laptop appearing in Rudy Giuliani's hands that purports to have bad information relating to Hunter Biden. I will say only these three things: 1) The Hunter Biden scrutiny at this time is politically motivated, even if it later turns out to be well deserved; 2) Million dollar deals with any country are not, in and of themselves, bad; and 3) Epoch Times undercuts its credibility in chasing someone/anyone without, in my estimation, sufficient supporting evidence. A laptop that suddenly appears in Rudy Giuliani's hands? Gimme a break! I smash the Dislike button. Without, admittedly, watching the podcast. Why? Because I don't like the banner.

  3. Lock em up it's time someone who is a "law enforcement officer" needs to let the nuts drop and do what is correct. Gitmo and take down of there wealth take it all from them.

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