How I Got my Family Out of China

I tell the story of how I got my family out of mainland China.

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Written by laowhy86

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  1. Great story Mate. Have been following you, the end of the China story is shocking, but unfortunately indeed the reality of Winnie’s crazy route. Anyway very enriching. Congrats and All the Best!

  2. Yours is a truly beautiful story. This is why it's so important to have free societies in this world. Without legal immigrants we would soon forget how lucky we all are.

  3. I really think that it was Canada’s job to stick up for Hong Kong and our PM failed in that for various reasons. It’s definitely too late now. Hong Kong is now like Tibet. Lost to the CCP.

  4. I am so happy to hear that you and your family are safe. Although I am very sad that your friend Michael went to prison. Any idea how long is his prison sentence? Where is he from? The U.S.? What are you going to do with the apartment? Does this mean you can never return to China?

  5. China brings shame on the Eastern countries. Look what they did to Taiwan, Tibet and Hong Kong. No wonder it is an ally of North Korea. I live in India. My country, like any other, is not perfect. But I sure get a lot of freedom. If you have freedom, cherish it! If you don't, fight!

  6. As an American citizen in this situation, is it possible to ask your government to take you, your kid and your wife back to the US with a sort of military mission?

  7. My son married a Nicaraguan, in Nicaragua, and I know kinda what you went through getting green card n Visa! Finally after little over a year, got her to our home in Missouri, n have a 4 yr old beautiful grandson 🙂 I get angry about the illegals pouring across the border, but when you do it legally, they make you wait!! Spending 1000's of legal fees in the process!!!!

  8. Freedom has a new and better taste for you now that the evil CCP was looking for you, i.e. looking to arrest you and make you disapear to a chinese jail. You are lucky they let you out. Maybe the security lady at the Hong Kong border screwed up, because I don’t know why they let you go if they were looking to arrest you, and they were. Thank God you and Winston and both your families are in our great USA living in freedom and liberty. ?????