How Independent Is The RBA Really?

We know rates are going up, even the RBA confirms this, and now our new Prime Minister has stepped in saying the Central Bank needs to be careful. So what’s going on?

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  1. Independent? Ha! When the 1% says "Jump", the RBA says "How high?".
    If we have bureaucrats setting the price of money, why don't we have bureaucrats setting the price of everything else too?

  2. The rba and our Westminster clownshow are tethered bootstrap n' tongue to a flawed presumptions created by assumptions of corporate political donors. And stacked boards.

    This is corporate fascism justifying itself as free market capitalism. And it expects bailouts to hide it's unsound logic rather than change its path. At our cost. Not my sacrifice.

    Decades of planning around endless consumption is a recipe for starvation and cannibalism.

    Derivative bomber FrydenDEBTburg debt bombs are what our creditbubble and speculative mania are built upon.

    Save the young, purge off the neoliberal ideologues onto nuke submarines , fired off as a torpedoes.

    Two pigs, one .22lr pellet

  3. Pretty unheard of for a sitting PM to indicate how far the RBA should go when setting cash rates. Trouble is the RBA have clearly been incompetent the last few years I'm not sure anyone trusts them to do their job properly anymore.

  4. we have been telling you and 'slap and tickle Adams' that the reserve bank are a bunch of criminals but you 2 have ignored our comments and never did any research . [in the interest of the bankers] is what you should call your show together . Now you have Frydenberg just getting a job with Goldman sachs . its about time you started doing your research and expose the truth of who runs our country , until then you are part of the problem .

  5. news today: "josh frydenberg lands new job at goldman sachs."

    i'm sure he was independent when he was the treasurer. meaning, independent from everyone else but himself. the same goes with the governer of rba and his team. they're independent from everyone else but themselves.

  6. Any commoner could see that historical lows would not stay low……what pressure was applied to the RBA by LNP before the election? Other countries were raising rates!

  7. Just like the independent tribunal.that award the pollies their pay rises . How can they be independent when they're paid by tax dollars the government controls

  8. Air conditioned etc Albanese and company with little recent experience in the real world fearing for their existences,high IQ,but low intelligence,looking very inadequate already range of areas,not good signs,(for them ie).

  9. Will be interesting to compare and contrast the care and concern they express for the heavily indebted against the care and concern they expressed for savers in the last few years.

  10. Haha its not independant, itsnot a secretjust look at rhe legislature beind it and the Marshall plan following Ww2….its just a satellite office of the World Bank over in Washington…it receives funding and loans, and then redistributes aa needed to our local banks

  11. RBA stands for Really Bad Advice.
    Can't get wages growth figures correct for how many years.
    Dropping interest cash rates to a history 0.10
    Interest rates not going up until 2024
    Now increasing rates faster every month – do these fools have any idea at all. Are we getting advice from a 10year old.

  12. As an independent central bank, the Reserve Bank is accountable to the Parliament for its actions. There are requirements in the Reserve Bank Act 1959 for the Bank to consult with the Australian Government.

  13. Saying Russia 'invaded' ukraine is exactly like saying, Australia invaded New South Wales…its so stupid and they are promoting that line because the Catholic run EU wants to expand and steal Orthodox Christian land….an invasion is the British invading America, Canafa, Australia….an invasion is the Vatican financing Spain and Portugal to invade Latin America forcing them to become Catholic and hand over their wealth annually to the Vatican

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