How Inflation Enriches the Bankers at the Expense of the Public.

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Today we will look at how the central banking model works and how it is part of the national debt and taxation system too.


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  1. I'm a self employed electrician with my own small business. I'm being absolutely taxed up to my eyeballs. I recently needed to upgrade my old van. After a great deal of searching I eventually found someone that was very agreeable for me to pay in gold coins. But mostly all businesses I asked hadn't got a clue what gold actually is!
    It's unbelievable how stupid the masses are. Keep up your fantastic work Mario, we so need bloke's like you to try and educate the general public

  2. As Hillary Clinton said before, don't let a crisis go to waste. as my forward plans are already starting as I'm retired in NE Usa, debt free with savings, $0 CC bal., as the Fire Sales are beginning, Plans are made not to waste the opportunity forward.

  3. As a rice farmer, and as a listener to Mario, I have, for many years, been acutely aware that no matter what I do, the gov't can create debt faster than I can create rice. (And with a hell of a lot less effort!!!)

  4. Thanks Mario. No people begin to see the true cost of covid and all those furlough payments they thought was free money. When we allow our government to violate our freedoms, we should not be surprised that it will also rob us blind

  5. 1+1= 2 united for the betterment of each other.
    1+1+$= 2 psychologically groomed to the servitude of money it controls them with.
    Our TIME and SKILLS are the Bank, our products and services are OUR BENEFITS, OURS EQUALLY if our time and skills are valued of equal TIME measurement. I'll do for you if you'll do for me equally, not in a deal one of us profit more than the other. How can you have EQUALITY without TIME being of consideration ? You can't. Good luck human species, money means BUSINESS.

  6. Ask yourself if squirrels give a crap if we're that stupid we've enslaved ourselves to servitude to inanimate objects. Reminds me of the golden Bull. Same shit different time of servitude to inanimate objects.

  7. Europe and the UK will be forced to buy Russian gas in Rubles or gold or face collapse.
    Eat humble pie and pay up before it is too late!
    How do they pay when the currency becomes worthless?
    Buying a new kettle does not cut it!

  8. I strongly believe in professional support. If you're someone who wants to remain in control of your wealth and assets after the "Great Reset" takes place, then you'll need a strategy as strong as the one the Central Banks have.

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