How Internal MELTDOWNS Are Destroying Progressive Groups | Breaking Points & The Intercept

Krystal interviews The Intercept journalist Ryan Grim about his long piece detailing the internal meltdowns happening within progressive activist groups across the country

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New Yorker Feature:

Ryan Grim:

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  1. Oh, hey, there's another Cancel story you're going to ignore b/c your audience won't care. TX gop has canceled TX log cabin GOPs. I told you you wouldn't care. Gay rights have nothing to do with either income inequality or Joe Rogan's right to say the n-word so why would you care? Its not like you care about someone getting cancelled if they're not a conservative or talking shit about people over race.

  2. My frank and unpopular opinion: The problem with the farce that gets passed off as "the Left" in the US today is and has been for a long time a place that is far too tolerant of weenies, losers, chumps, and morons. Leftists need to be taking their lessons from those who fought at the Paris Commune or in the Spanish Civil War (to name just a couple of examples) and not these pampered professional crybabies that populate substantial sectors of "the Left" nowadays.

  3. Before my computer was smashed, IP address hacked, and Ieffectively lost access to my online accounts for half a year I was a state leader at Wolf-Pac and although it was mostly a volunteer bi-partisan organization with the aim of getting money out of politics, I felt they were structured very effectively.. There most meetings and decisions were done either buy consensus or democratic vote. Perhaps these organizations ought to just organize themselves like a worker cooperative. Managers get elected, people volunteer their efforts and personal skills are identified and tasks and positions were recommended but it was always up to the organizers preference where they wanted to go. If an organizational need was Identified it came up in meetings and all anyone needed to do was say, "i'll take on that responsibility" and that was that. This organizational environment was ideal, a hierarchy existed, but everyone had pretty much an equal voice and good ideas found their way to the top and throughout. If I were to start a business or my own organization this is how I would want to structure it. I highly recommend this organization for anyone wanting to become politically active or learn anything about being a part of a well structured organization without the unnecessary infighting that hampers the organizations objectives, plus it was fun and I met really cool people.
    Plus I mean…if you really want to stick it to the oligarchy, Wolf-Pac's plan of getting money out of politics is probably the best way to guarantee meaningful long term change in this country.

  4. NPOs should really prioritize hiring more people closely involved with the subject of the charity rather than a bunch of college grads. Hire people from the affected communities if possible.

    People who have suffered from the problems first hand might be more focused on solving those problems instead of worrying about unlimited vacation days or whatever.

  5. "Joe Biden has announced the highest Medicare premium hikes in history." Yet we are ALL supposed to believe the REAL problem is Systemic Racism and Gender Injustice. – I DON'T THINK SO…Americans of every Race/Gender want to focus on the real problems they face every day, NOT on some Progression ideology.

  6. The long version of "the left eats its own" and has correlation to the kind of talent that is drawn to the grievance driven activism. You just get more of that victimhood driven selfish attitude.

  7. From what I heard you guys just admitted that progressivism is fundamentally a destructive or corruptive force. It does match what I’ve seen everywhere in society, school boards, universities, corporate, charity organizations, church… whatever progressivism penetrates it corrupts and destroys

  8. George Floyd. Tony Timpa. Why was there outrage over the death of the former, but not the latter? Hint, the death of George Floyd was used as a tool for someone's agenda.

  9. 23 minutes to explain a bunch of people at work acting like spoiled brats, looking for something to get offended by so they can not work.

    These last 10-15 years is riddled with people looking for a hack out of working.

  10. It's nothing short of amazing that Ryan can get the movement of the 1960's so wrong. It's obvious that he's cherry picked items and tailored it to his liking. Taking his word as gospel is like accepting James Comey's assertion that the Eff Bee Eye is an "honest" agency.

  11. Progressives core value is being fragile. Fragile and weak is what makes a progressive the most pure. So the loudest winiest person in the room gets the power. And then as soon as progressives have to go up against literally anybody who won’t just go along with their bullshit they fold. The identity politics argument doesn’t work against people who don’t care about identity politics, and progressives can’t understand they need to try something else.

  12. Business owner from Metropolis after seeing the prophet who tells the workers a great hero will come and save them from their bondage. He plans to make a robot out of her likeness.
    Business man: I shall sow discord between them and her!

    More people need to see Metropolis because it is still so very relevant.

    This was always one my concerns about SJWism. I could see it a mile away.

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