How is “Transitory” Inflation Going?

Inflation is no longer transitory, but is it here to stay?

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  1. This giveaway makes me wish so bad that I knew more about economics just so I could have a better chance of winning xD
    And of course to have a broader understanding of macroeconomic policy!

  2. A better word than transitory would be dependent. This inflation is dependent on how long the conservative whiners continue to refuse to take covid seriously and prolong this pandemic. They want to prolong it and complain about it. Same game they’ve been playing for 20 years…obstructing any work in the Congress that would benefit the average American while blaming the ensuing the unrest on “liberals”. Dear Republican voters, if you’re unhappy you have no one to blame but yourselves. Clearly you’d rather hate than be happy.

  3. An argument on home prices to rent: “Now, inflating home prices to the point where people cannot afford them is a problem.” Sort of. If the rental return is <price of home then you’re losing money. This is supplemented by asset appreciation. So you could afford a $ loss on renter payments if the house continues to appreciate. But if you run out of renters the market has to deflate. Ergo, it’s a perpetual problem if we focus on maintaining price appreciation.

  4. It's important to remember that the COVID death count is inflated and does not accurately represent people who died because of their COVID infection but may be reported as a COVID death simply because they tested positive, despite having one or more co-morbidities.

  5. Why are you people watching this grifter who is really only distracting you from what is coming? The billionaires already announced what they are doing. Nothing from the past can explain what is coming. "The Great Reset, you will own nothing and be happy", is the most evil thing Earth has ever seen and you are listening to this <toidi<? Your money and investments will soon be worthless and unexchangeable for the new one world currency.

    It will soon be, no poke no job. No job, no new one world currency they are talking about. No new currency, can't pay property taxes, buy gas, groceries. Refuse the poke, you will be broke, homeless, hungry, harassed by the piggies. Eventually DESPERATE to join their <tnemevalsne<.

    Maybe it wasn't so bright wasting shitloads of money on super cheap garbage being a <evals< to the economy, seeing how they are now using your wasted money to <evalsne< us. How much do you like that $6 dollar phone you spent hundreds on now?

  6. Losing the baby boomers, coupled with the declining population sizes of all industrial and post industrial countries is going to be the true economic earthquake of the century.

  7. You know if you wanted people to go and rewatch your videos you could just ask people to go and watch them instead of trying to trick them by saying "Can you go and rewatch all my video to catch my mistakes."

  8. some of the things you say and think shows the systemic cultural corruption. for example you said "the home renter wants to get the MOST money they can possibly get". Really? i mean that's the general direction you have to go to satisfy an insatiable culture of greed…. except that puts money ahead of people. It should be possible to tap-off from that and have a more balanced approach, of profit and consideration for society (for whatever your role is in it).

  9. The government is using inflation to force more people in to social programs. The poor have got a safety net called social programs. The rich see no inflation or feel inflation. The middle class living pay check to pay check making just enough money above the poverty line are being killed by inflation. It's forcing them to social programs. The more people being kept up by the tax payers the more votes you can control.

  10. inflation is here to stay. businesses have given raises and priced those in. u can’t deflate pay for employees, that doesn’t end well. the only thing we can hope for is a new floor vs inflation running hot. there is no back to normal. this is a behavioral shift in the labor market. once people expect x amount of pay there’s not really a way to psychologically come back from that. paying people less even if cost of goods were to come down won’t happen. it would create more animosity towards employers the job etc.

  11. Something I've been mulling over isn't exactly inflation per se, but when you have wealth inequality so extreme the rich can price everyone else out of a market (especially housing). Inflation really doesn't describe what is happening, as prices will stabilize, just at a point where only the 1% can afford it.

    There not even a good term for it that I've seen.

  12. inflation is the most regressive and racist of all taxes. it hardly affects the affluent, but is devastating to those living day to day. Too bad no one cares about the stolen election. you are all getting exactly what you deserve.

  13. Car markups are not rare in the states, it's a cancer and i literally have to put money into my 15 year old cars to keep them alive because 99 percent of the used cars here have insane markups

  14. There seems to be a general misunderstanding among the people on what inflation is. It is by definition a process of increasing the money supply which we see as an increase in the overall price level. Cost-push, demand-pull and price levels are SIDE EFFECTS of inflation, not causes. This can be seen easily if we compare some data. For instance, compare the M2 supply with the consumer price index and you'll see that they go hand in hand. Compare the purchasing power of the dollar with the M2 and they are the inverse of each other. Compare the CPI with the quantity of money per unit of output and you'll see a 1:1 scale. Inflation is much more complicated than simply saying "a rise in the price level". When you add more money to the economy, the purchasing power drops and prices subsequently increase. OPEC countries restricting the supply and pricing the oil really expensive does NOT cause "inflation", it simply increases the price.

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