How Kamala Harris Influenced Biden To Betray US Troops & Afghanistan


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How Kamala Harris Influenced Biden To Betray US Troops & Afghanistan

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. 300,000 troops… but if the government doesn't care about defending their country, they're nothing. Joy, the caliphate has been established. Goodbye peace.

  2. Darius The Great / The Great Khan's conquered Afganistan….dementia Joe……let's think about that !! what a total F*** Up….anytime now Cherie will come along looking for compensation !!!…you can't write this stuff !!

  3. It’s terrifying!!! Our government are boating in grooming gangs,rapists and terrorists in to the U.K. by boats!!!! Wtf!!! Plz do a story on this and warn the ppl of the U.K.!!! PEOPLE NEED TO BE WARNED!!! The taliban are here!!! ??

  4. Afghan army were happy to play soldiers and get paid for nearly two decades whilst the US army was there to back them up, but threw in the towel as soon as they left.

  5. Why has Tony Blair not been arrested? War crimes against humanity. Not a war on terror, but a war to hide the extraction of rare minerals and expansion of the opium trade. Scotland has the highest drug deaths in Europe.

  6. You watch north korea will plough straight down to seoul western governments have been infiltrated within and made weak while our enemies have gotten stronger russia could easily roll imto europe china into Japan we’re on the potential brink of a massive global change

  7. Im thinking all these different situations are linked and falling into place 1 by 1 .. covid, lockdown, middle East ..mass immigration

  8. MT what you need to remember is that since The End Of The Reagan Era & After The Tories Backstabbed Margaret Thatcher the west has been being run by Leaders that have been criminal ?Hogs of War who have all presided over Parliaments & Senate's which are packed Full Of Weak, Corrupt Spineless, Self-Serving Dangerously Insane Clowns ?, In the space of 30 years they have systematically destroyed the middle east and progressed the countries they've governed to the brink of bankruptcy that is inevitably leading us towards a Pan-European civil war that will make The Balkans War look like a tea party! We should offer the Taliban their pick of any ex or current western leader along with any other politician they'd like extradited to Afghanistan to stand trial, plus will send in engineers to rebuild for free all the Afghan substructure and infrastructure that has been destroyed over the last 20 years by our leaders,
    All we ask in return is that the they televise the trials and at the very least offer us in the west a Pay-Per-View on the punishments that the Afghan courts have sentence the Criminals we've sent them over to deal with! I'm mean think about how much they'd make on something like that! They'd make a Killing with the amount of people around the world that would pay good money to see that! That is just the sort of economic stimulus they could set themselves up with to start the process to Make Afghanistan Great Again! MAGA! It's Got A Nice Ring To It Too!

  9. It is all part of the plan Mayhor, President Trump will be back very soon although he never left office. The movie is nearing it's end, although I'll be happy when it does, for those us awake it's been one hell of a journey since myself and other researchers started our quest in 2015

  10. Look, the Democrats work for the Chinese and the Germans. Pakistan is a Chinese client and Afghanistan has been cut up by these powers.

  11. This is what happens when politicians have no relationship with people in the armed forces. Not that long ago we had generals or military vets in Parliament. Now it’s straight out of uni to become an MP