How Lockdowns Devastate You While Boosting Billionaires

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. I was a life long democrat, now I'm a green party, but I live in a swing state, that usually swings red, and we have a red Governor. He is fighting to keep me employed! YES, the dems are PUSHING people RIGHT!

  2. You bring medical journal studies and facts into places like Reddit and you get downvoted to oblivion and called an idiot for anything skeptical. It's actually insane how inundated people are in their big pharma worship.

  3. Jimmy, the right wing population aren't the same as the establishment right wing of the past. We are the liberal independent of the 1980's. We actually agree with some of the ideas that YOU and others like you who say you are left wing. We can get together and be a powerful force to change this disgusting establishment government bureaucracy. We are absolutely willing to compromise with normal thinking people.

  4. The first step to successfully getting people on board with vaccine passes is the broad(ening?) definition of what constitutes a "vaccine". The prevalent mRNA "vaccines" are closer in function to what I would term "mitigators" than actual "vaccines".

    In short, mRNA vaccines lessen the risk of severe illness, while not in any way, shape or form lessening the risk of contracting or spreading the disease.

    However, most people hear "vaccine" and think of a "proper" vaccine that lessens the risk of contracting or spreading the disease. And with that thinking, I can understand where their support of mandates is coming from, and it's not from a bad place.

    I propose splitting the word "vaccine" into two, with one being the "proper" vaccines that protect against infection, and the other being the "mitigator" class of compounds that lessen the impacts of infection, to which it seems Vitamin-D should belong, alongside Pfizer and the rest.

    For reference, I am fully vaccinated, for my own protection against serious illness, but I don't have nor will I get a certificate thereof.

  5. You should have to show an ID to vote. People that are not citizens of this country should not be allowed to vote. And if your life is in such disarray that you can't have a state ID, then I don't think your vote is worth listening to in the
    First place.

  6. Words cannot express how important this argument is to be made. I have tried to bring my friends along that lockdowns were harmful — mostly dismissed as an alt-right Nazi hick who wants grandma to DIE! But it is so wonderful to see self-described lefties making this case, and the reasoning is sound. It is so important to me that people be allowed to live and let live, and this insidious cultural spat over COVID has the potential to tear the country apart.

  7. I'm sure once everyone has to take vaccines on a bi yearly basis around the world there will be absolutely no fuckery whatsoever. Megalomaniac psychopaths would never take that opportunity To do anything nefarious.

  8. I never lost a minute of sleep worrying about Covid. They've gone to the well too many times with the Big Lie. Plus the situation with the economy pretty much dictated that we'd need another Pearl Harbor level disaster.

  9. Great show. Well done Max and Jimmy.

    The Mainstream Left are more afraid of being on the same side as some on the Right than they are of Global biomedical and big tech coup

  10. The high "death rate" figures like 3.4% come from dividing the COVID case numbers by the COVID death numbers. The problem with those is that both are based solely on positive PCR up to 28 days back. They are pure fantasy. You get the lower numbers by determining the number of infected and dead by actually measuring antibodies. It's not only Iionidas who lands low. Pretty much all IFR (infection fatality rate) studies on corona find an IFR less than 1%. You get the very low numbers like 0.05 when you only look at the people under 60 years old. It's always been clear that on the face of it this is a disease that is serious for the elderly but mostly harmless for the young. This water is only muddied now that they want everyone to get jabbed.

  11. I'm right wing and don't have problems with rich people. I do have problems with people using the government's monopoly on violence to make them rich. It's disgusting. Lockdowns never should have been more than 2 weeks. Period.

  12. Great damn show!!!!. People tie their morality to the ideology they were fed. Thats way the double down in their stupidity. I say stupidity bc to not know is ignorance but to have access to knowledge and double down in spite of it is stupidity. Thanks Jimmy for realizing when the information reached you.

  13. I'm from South Africa.
    Omicron is so mild the 70 percent of our hospital cases didn't even know they had COVID. They were in for broken arms etc, but tested on entry. Hospital time is also down from 8.5 days on average to 2.8 days. Its probably everywhere and people don't even know it.

  14. Of all the other illnesses that can kill you for delaying a doctor visit, the fear mongering has caused more of these people to die. I would like to know the potential totals of this.

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