How Obama & Biden Lied About Protecting Abortion

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. But, hey, Jimmy, the Dems are great at rushing through Billions for War and the War Machine. These hideous Dems just work for their donors and to plump up their stock portfolios.

  2. I don’t care about abortion, ending roe v. Wade wouldn’t ban abortion, it would give the states the right to allow it or bandit. All I know is that I don’t wanna have to pay for other peoples abortions and it’s not fair to take money from religious people force them to pay for other people‘s abortions

  3. I think you are right, too. The Republican are worthless, too. Maybe we should reenact 1812 U.K. and burn down D.C. again. What the saying, "we need to destroy to build it back better".

  4. This all about allowing the individual states to vote on their own Abortions rights, getting it out of the hands of the Federal government. Pray for the babies. Be glad your mother didn't make the choice to abort you.

  5. My guess is that these videos probably are doing well but big brother is shadow banning them! Nothing they hate more than someone being brave and smart enough to go off of the state approved script and actually hold demoncraps accountable.

  6. "The Republicans are going to take away Roe v Wade" was the Democrat boogeyman for decades to get the voter base to fall in line. They NEEDED it to remain precarious and subject to reversal. Had they actually made it into law, they would have lost their leverage. But the Democrats played that hand too many times for too many years, and it finally bit them in the ass.

  7. the truth doesn't really matter, but if abortion is not in the constitution, it may also not be an enumerated power of congress, which would mean codifying roe at the federal level would be blocked by the court.

  8. Like this video. Keep making “explanation” style videos. It is a bit “heady” for some but it is nice to have something to point to and share with others and to make a point with in a conversation. I don’t want to debate my friends but I do like showing a working example of what I am finding in politics today

  9. Democrats care as much up defending abortion as most republicans do about defending my gun rights… zero. It’s just another culture war issue to get our votes and money for 90%+ of the politicians that don’t believe in anything other than themselves, money, and power.

  10. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, you're confused about Mitch McConnell doing anything with a super majority. He would do nothing as well. Well, he might say, "Are you turtle enough for the turtle club?".😂 That's about it. Independent from Ky here.

  11. Jimmy, your numbers are probably being reduced. Above all, like Rick James said, " Cocaine is a hella' of a drug": and so is social coersion…Chappelle said "Our paper chase is too volatile" and therefore, after work, most people self-medicate, not self-educate…Answer: Reach those who hear not those who should…Keep of the spiritual work…

  12. They're trying to incite riots & attacks on the Supreme Court Justices yes you're correct Jimmy they've had the power to take care of this for over 10 years 👍

  13. Maybe on of the constitutional scholars in Jimmy audience can explain this, because if the leaked Supreme Court opinion if for real – then Congress cannot legally "codify" Roe v Wade. Yes? No? If SCOTUS says this is not federal jurisdiction, but a states' rights issue…..then that would stop Congress from assuming jurisdiction.

  14. This happens in every leftist party in the world. It's like creating an infinite election platform. You say what you will do and then leave it until the next election and start the same slogans again.
    People are brain dead and demented fools, and they vote. 🙄

  15. Right on!!!! I never thought about the distract and definitely decieve tactic of both sides.
    Hegelian Dialectic. Distract, wait for the fear based knee jerk reaction and come riding in with the pre planned soultion.

  16. I can see why Jimmy would be worried about a misinformation czar. The Democrats had a supermajority in 2009 for 74 days? They had a filibuster proof majority from January until Ted Kennedy died in August. I think that is called eight months.

  17. Good for all you Dore lovers for having, “principles” and refusing to vote for Hillary in 2016. If and when you end up getting raped and are forced to carry and give birth to your rapist’s baby, you can name it Jill Stein.🙄

  18. Jimmy loves it when violence goes down. That's when the ghoul in him really comes out.
    He lost his giblets during the BLM riots. This guy is like the insane anarchist on the train out to Siberia, in Dr. Zhivago.
    We've seen your act, Jimmy!

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