How Pentagon Used MIND CONTROL Experiments on Troops and LIED About it | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar talk to Puck News journalist Tara Palmeri about how the Pentagon used mind control experiments on young troops and lied about the long lasting consequences of the project

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Tara Palmeri:

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  1. I suspect our government records vaults are packed with all sorts of horror…. and with most of the victims being unsuspecting Americans. We STILL don't have all of the relevant documents concerning JFKs assassination, so I doubt we'll see any of the really disgusting stuff… ever.

  2. Some of this came out in the 70's in I think a 60 Minutes Documentary. In 2000, PNAC's neocon manifesto called for developing "skin patch pharmaceuticals" to "enhance" soldiers' performance. Two years ago there was a blurb on RT news about USGOV test program for using brain inplants in soldiers. You can learn a lot if you just do not read the New York Times. What was the name of that guy who was mailing nasty packages to people? Ted Kazynski? He knew.

  3. These government agencies hide behind classified labels, with exorbitant budgets and funds that can't be traced. Rest assured with the advances in technology and science things that make this look petty are happening as we sit here.

  4. Instead of offering compensation for their sacrifice, or comp for 9/11 first responders, the us will send another few billion over to Eastern Europe or a couple billion to entrench our empire in Africa and Syria. God bless America. Home of the free, land of the deluded

  5. As a non American, we see the American population as brainwashed, warmongering, misplaced patriotism, fear-mongering , fanatics.
    I assume, some are good people.

  6. What I am more concerned about is not whether the U.S. Military may be involved in doing experiments that do horrible things to a relative handful of people, as terrible and unethical as that is. I am concerned about the allegations of the Chinese government that no one in America that I know of has investigated, even though we all know that elements of our military and intelligence services whose primary loyalty was not to the elected government but to the Democrat Resistance/Establishment had means, motive and opportunity to do what the Chinese government said we did, that is, to deliberately introduce the SARS-CoV-2 into China in order to cause the worldwide CoVid 19 pandemic and resulting recession to make a Democratic Party take over of the federal government possible in 2020.

    The means was a bioweapons program that could be rationalized as "Scientific research" the same way Dr. Fauci rationalized that gain of function research was not gain of function research. We just keep doing research on bioweapons like we did before we signed treaties, but call it something else.

    We now know DARPA, a U.S. Military research agency sent the WuHan Institute of Virology a roadmap for creating SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    I consider it likely that if a map company produces a roadmap showing how to get to Op, Alabama, that somebody's been to Op, Alabama before and that's how the map company knew how to tell you how to get there.

    DARPA sending a roadmap to creating SARS-CoV-2 means the U.S. Military already had it and had probably been studying it for awhile and knew it would disproportionately kill to groups of mostly Republican voters, older Americans and people with type 2 diabetes and the obese. They could probably have taken a disease off the shelf that kills Ivy League professors, but that isn't who they planned to kill.

    If people think Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley was neutral about the question of who should win the 2020 election, they should have their head examined. General Milley taped an apology video for standing next to the Commander in chief of out Armed Forces. Nobody does that. It was bizarre.

    On January 6 2021, Milley called Nancy Pelosi, apparently reporting for duty. Milley had zero responsibilities except to advise the President on military matters as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He supposedly had no command. Therefore we know General Milley was operating outside his portfolio and under orders of Nancy Pelosi, officially at least, the highest ranking Democrat in the country at the time holding an office, although having been their party 's presidential nominees, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton may be thought to outrank Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden because he was current nominee and Hillary Clinton because a lot of Democrats don't want to commit suicide.

    Of course you also had the 5 Democrat Governors who were presidential hopefuls: Andrew Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Tom Wolf and Phil Murphy, who killed tens of thousands of the citizens of their states in order to get the CoVid death count high enough that their inside man, Dr. Fauci, could convince President Trump to call for a lockdown which would destroy his vaunted great economy that was lifting all boats.

    On June 8, 2019, one day after hosting Lawrence Wilkerson, the man who actually wrote the weapons of mass destruction speech that Colin Powell read to the United Nations that paved America's way to the Iraq War was on Bill Maher's show, Bill Maher said it would be worth another Recession to get Trump out of office. Maher didn't say it would be worth a pandemic killing millions worldwide. I am not sure Col. Wilkerson told Bill Maher that was how the military would defeat Trump. The military-industrial complex wanted a bigger war. Afghanistan was winding down to the point it would be taking less to keep that country stable with virtually no loss of American lives. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson is a military-industrial complex insider.

    So why is no one even pushing for a Special Counsel to investigate the Chinese government allegations? Strange.

  7. It would help if she mentioned the book "The Devil's Chessboard" which details the tenure of the first CIA director, Allen Dulles, leading to the death of JFK.

  8. This is why they were called GI, government issue. It meant the government believed they owned the military. Owned!!! Our government should Pay for shitty treatments of veterans. I mean Shitty.

  9. There's ALWAYS a form of "mind control" – propaganda, subliminal messaging, religious brainwashing, indoctrination from subtle advertisements to overt cults.
    The Pentagon could still be using forms of "mind control" today right now we will not find out about a few years later. I got the point long ago.

    VET/VOTE in more Progressives and Socialists to action legislation and make laws that benefit the 99% Socially and Economically and thus try and remove abuse and exploitation of the wealthy ruling elites…in this case the Military Industrial Complex.

  10. Boring. The US government is known to experiment on soldiers. Let it be effects of radiation, drugs, poisons, vaccines, electromagnetic waves, alcohol and caffeine.

    Edgewood Arsenal human experiments, Project MKUltra, Project 112, Project SHAD have their own wikipedia articles.

  11. Oligarchs have never had any loyalty to anyone or anything except all reaching total power. And America is hosting them all even watching them disembowel America's financing.

  12. American can't even stop politicians from using their sons and daughters to murder innocent people abroad in order to steal the wallets from the freshly killed dead to bring back and hand over to the already too fu_king rich.

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