How Political Labels LOST Their Meaning | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at data showing less people identifying as liberal and explain why political labels have lost their meaning

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  1. The media is primarily responsible for this issue:
    The problem is not that people are changing, the problem is that you are not measuring correctly.

    These things have actual definitions and mean something:
    Liberal vs Authoritarian (this is about how free the people are in relation to the government and at what level you want it to be)
    Left vs Right (this is about economics, Left means the purpose of the market is to serve the people, Right means the purpose of the people is to serve the market)

    These things don't mean anything and never have:
    Liberal vs Conservative
    Left vs Conservative
    Conservative in general
    liberal (with a definition of something approaching the pot smoking hippies of the 1960's who became the cocaine sniffing corporate simps of the 1980's)
    Various generational platitudes.

    The U.S. government serves a tiny minority of people who are pretty far right-wing and authoritarian using the correct definitions of those things.
    The truly vast majority of the American people are very liberal; no one wants the government to tell them they can't do something. They see its job as making sure that people remain that way.

    The split in the country really comes on the Left to Right scale. Its not a 50/50 split. It's more like 80/20 Left/Right. All of our election gerrymandering is along the lines of making sure that 20% has the voting power of at least 50%. Anything less and that tiny minority would lose power and the entire structure of the United States would change. Its not an accident that both parties are heavily involved in making sure that there are no net new immigrants coming into the country because no matter where those immigrants come from they will generally be further to the Left than they want. Its not about jobs, or rapists or anything else.

    Your political views are generally not well thought out dissertations of fact-based decision making. They are born with you and grow with you. They don't generally change radically over the course of your life regardless of what the media would have you believe, and they sure as hell don't fundamentally change over 5 years. This is why you will never convince a socialist on the left or a fascist on the right to be something different. They were born that way and they will stay that way. It is no different no matter where on that spectrum you are.

  2. If those in political power positions would stop trying to change the definition of words to twist the facts, it would be much easier to navigate the the political world. There are to many chameleons in politics. You should say what you mean and mean what you say.

  3. We live in a time when progressives get behind the regressive ideology of Islamists, liberals advocate illiberal controls over speech and thought and indoctrinate our children, and conservatives refuse to conserve nature despite the overwhelming evidence of climate change. You are right, labels have lost their meaning.

  4. I call myself a Progressive or a Leftie, but never a Liberal.
    I still care about class but I'm less interested in the gender, racial, sexual orientation division like Democrats keep pushing.
    Also, I'm against censorship while Liberals keep cheering for it.

  5. I am a lifelong democrat and I have nothing but hatred and contempt for the batch of democrats leading the party today. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer are nothing but frauds and sellouts and I will vote against the democrat party until these crooks have been exposed and deleted from the party. SCREW THE DEMOCRATS!

  6. I'm pro government healthcare funded by taxation, I'm pro tuition free education and trade school funded by Tobin tax, I'm pro confiscate large private business and handing the company over to that companies workers in a worker collective. I'm anti American global hegemony, I'm anti military intervention, I'm anti world police. Those 3 policies are what I show up and vote on, label or no label.

  7. It 2022. 6 years since Hillary lost. Ball is still talking about her. BTW, whatever Ball says she is, in effect she is a right wing fascist because her BS show strengthens right wing fascists.

    The GOP is openly fascist. If you refuse to make that clear, you strengthen the fascists. Period. These two refuse to say that. They won't say it because it would hurt revenue. They are corrupt.

    The idea that Ball has values is a joke. Unless raking in money is a value. Biden is the President. WE know the types of policies he wants to get through Congress. They are left of center policies. If you dont support him, you are not left of center. If you only want perfection you are in effect on the extreme right because insisting on perfection will only move the country to the right. Democracy is compromise. How can it be anything else?

    Ball talking about honesty is also a joke. She is extremely dishonest. She lies all of the time.

  8. Preach Krystal! I have been failed by political group alignment on both the left and right of the spectrum to the point where when someone asks my affiliation or proclivity, the only response I can give is, "I take issues on a case by case basis, so what specifically do you want to discuss?" Context and details (where the devil is) matter and cannot be taken out of the equation when I consider a stance on something.

  9. There are 2 parties. The party for the people and the party against the people. Often times the party you seek doesn't get to exist and is presented as if it does.
    Liberal was utterly destroyed – though it used to mean you have egalitarian values, but that was perverted for nefarious reasons. Just like 'populist' is somehow sort of evil… which is odd, meaning you are for the people…
    Anyway that's the game: Co-opt and pervert. When there is no legitimate term remaining and confusion is at it's greatest the party with the most selfish interests proliferates. Maybe that's both. 3rd party when? But ya know.

  10. When liberal and progressive means you are democrat, and democrats have a superdelegate system that shuts you out, they pay off their special interests and keep poor people poor… like maybe 10K in debt relief or making when you get sick free…. No wonder.

  11. Not really. Krystal demonstrates every day what a 'liberal' is, someone who hates conservative, blithely dismisses any of their concerns with an eyeroll, then later comes to believe it actually is a serious issue, without ever admitting she was wrong. Like the vaccine, pretty soon Krystal is going to have to do a story about the vaccine scandal/betrayal, and at no point will she admit she was wrong and the people she hates were right.

    What is a 'liberal'? Someone who is in favor of forcing people from their jobs if they don't get an experimental drug, but then claim women have bodily autonomy for the specific reason of abortion, but not vaccines. A liberal is someone who believes opposing opinions should be censored, and not even allowed on college campuses. A liberal believes people should be classified by their race, and should follow strict guidelines in voting patterns according to race. Liberals also believe in historic guilt, if you are a member of a race of people, particularly white, you are guilty of things that were done prior to your birth, and should now be discriminated against and degraded. Liberals are also very poor at a physical fighting. Unfortunately for them, that will be their downfall.

  12. What does that say about liberals when they won't publicly identify themselves as liberals? It says that liberalism, at least the modern form of it, is so inextricably connected to woke nonsense that no one wants to be associated with it.

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