How Propaganda Works – From 2002 to 2022

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  1. Least folks forget. Back in 03 in a rare moment of candor, a pentagon spokesman replied to a reporters question about U.S. Psyops programs concerning how much money is spent on such programs and he replied, 97% of propaganda money is spent to target American citizens. This was reported once as I recall and then it disappeared, along with the pentagon spokesman of the day. It's almost funny, in that, once in a while they will tell you what there are doing, but it only makes one or two news cycles and then it's replaced by the approved narrative on a 24/7 basis, so unless one is paying really close attention, one can't discern anything from corporate/state media, but somehow, the majority of Americans still believe the nightly news, contrary to all proof screaming otherwise. They want to believe is all I can say about this and that's the truly scary thing about U.S. propaganda. When people believe the narrative of lies, what rational decisions do you think Americans will make? After all and facts bear this out, demoncrats and repugs are the same party and this corporate party enacts laws that ban any third, fourth or peoples party from ever gaining traction. Americans live behind an iron curtain of lies and that's just a fact. Look at the late night talk shows if you don't believe me. Even using comedy, they toe the party line coming out of DC and the Military Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned us about in 1961, but so few recall that speech, it no longer exists for most not old to recall it. Welcome to the New World Order my friends and it has American Facism written all over it whether you deny it or not.

  2. @6:25
    Gen. Wesley Clark. "We are going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran."

    Is the exact quote.

    All without Congress declaring war.

    You have the Pentagon deciding who we shall go to war with.

    Perhaps we shall also see the Federal Reserve System setting the budget of the United States.

  3. Preach!
    The same people that keep telling you to move to Russia, keep buying Saudi oil at the gas pump and communist goods from China, so fk them and keep preaching, man!

  4. FYI, Iraq has 40 million people. Definitely enough to lose a million in war.
    Also, Kuwait was slant drilling into Iraq stealing their oil.
    Kuwait has a long history of being occupied by Babylon, Persia, Portugal, the Ottomans and England. The last nationality prior to the British drawing a line in the sand was Iraq under the Ottoman empire. Saddam told the U.S. that he was going to stop the oil theft and return Kuwait to it's pre-WW1 status of a region of Iraq and the U.S. said essentially no probs.
    Then he did it, and suddenly he became Hitler.

  5. Leaders were ready to be exposed in the jeffrey epstein cabal, so they rolled out covid, didnt get what they wanted and got push back, so now the war! I called all this shit two years ago!

  6. NYTimes had Judith Miller as the inhouse imbedded 'journalist' that did nothing but report made up propaganda on the NYTIMES!! in the lead up to invasion of Iraq on false WMD's claims day after day.. just like the war in Ukraine you CANNOT BELEIVE A WORD FROM OUR CRIMINAL CORPORATE MEDIA!!!
    NYT has never apologized for any of Miller’s stories.

  7. Russia is now using all the same definitions in Ukraine that the CIA and NYTimes used to describe the resistance in Iraq now in the Ukraine as TERRORISTS… lol.

  8. As long as there is men there will be war
    we do not evole as a species.

    Soldiers have more in common with the men they are fighting on the ground then the insane psychopaths who send them off to war.

    The Military industrial complex is nothing more then business for arms sales.

  9. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were planned well before 9/11. And anyone who thinks a bunch of rag tag "terrorists" from AlQaida pulled this sophisticated operation off is totally blind and stupid. America wake up. Our country will do anything, anything to maintain its military, economic, and energy dominance and keep bringing in the money into the coffers of the military industrial complex. They'll lie, cheat, steal, and commit mass genocide. That's how sick those people are. AND WE PICK UP THE TAB FOR THIS BS.

  10. The Americans attacked itself on 9/11 because they found out in Vietnam that a draft would not let them fight illegal wars take a look at the war games and put options Afghanistan war is proof

  11. Oh yeah, i just had an epiphone. Think if all the podcaster friends you have mad in the last two years Would there be enough shows to start a separatw=e independent station? I think so, but what do you think?

  12. People think there is an environmental catastrophe that on occasions knocks humanity back to the Stone Age, I'm starting to think humans purposefully destroy tech Systems that become totalitarian over time or allow preventable reset level disasters to happen.. Perhaps the bronze age ain’t a bad place to be

  13. Speaking of collective amnesia… Remember when US forces Apache helicopter strafed Doctor without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan in 2016? US forces failed to “follow basic laws of war..” while “admitting there were no armed combatants and no fire from the hospital compound” per US military’s own investigation? Without any disciplinary actions and without apology or recompense? 14 doctors and nurses murdered and 30 patients? Pots call kettles black but one war crime begets another… they (not WE) are all war criminals. Taxation & prosecution of war for commercial gains without representation feels like a declaration moment.

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