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When a bunch of Redditors combined forces to drive up the price of GameStop stock, it exposed a fundamental problem with the stock market. The Problem With The Stock Market, now streaming on Apple TV+, delves into what really happens when you buy a stock, how giant corporations skim money off of your investments, and how Redditors used Gamestop stock to expose the system.

The Problem With Jon Stewart is now streaming on Apple TV+

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  1. "Comparing it to subprime mortgage market" yeah no shit, it's using the same fucking terminology in the 15:09 picture, Synthetic shares, Swaps, JFC… but hey, pay $6/gallon for gas today totally worth all the money that's being "made" in this country.

  2. Picked up Visa at $190.8099 on Monday. Was $199.55 last look. I'll sell the amount I need to and gat my original investment back.

    I'll pocket the shares (3.5) that Visa bought for me, and wait for the next panic.

    That brings my total of shares visa bought me to 52.

    That's Right!

    Visa bought me 52 shares. A pile of them with what amounts to no cost.

    As usual, there's more than one way to look at things.

    Mine isn't as funny as John's. But have you met humans? They are going to stop charging things?

    Again, have you met humans?

  3. The constitution only states the rights of a citizen. A citizen is a human. There is nothing about corporations in the constitution. Therefore, a corporation is a privilege, not a right. This is what we should be fighting about. So, if a corporation abuses the rights of citizens, their rights can be withdrawn. Something like a driver's license, have to follow rules.

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