How Russia Turned Democrats into NeoCons


In this clip from PRIMO RADICAL: UNCENSORED, the Green Party candidate running in Connecticut’s 3rd Congressional district, Justin Paglino, shares his thoughts on how Democrats have become hawks towards Russia, and how it has caused them to both fund a proxy war and clamp down on domestic dissent that has been branded “disinformation.”

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. One thing I don't get is why progressives who support funding the military industrial complex in support of Ukraine don't realize that they have the exact same position on this as neocons lie Dan Crenshaw and Michael Bolton and Sean Hannity and David Frum. I mean, if you're on the same side of an issue as Mitch McConnel and Bill Kristol and George Bush, doesn't that make you second guess whether you might be wrong on this one? And vice versa, don't conservatives like Crenshaw and Hannity think it's weird that they have the exact same position on this as AOC and Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi and Sean Penn and all those rich Hollywood liberal elites that they hate so much?

  2. A society based on a two-party political system stems from AND reinforces a binary, Manichean worldview.
    I.E. The system itself dumbs down the electorate in a way that impacts all issues & every aspect of public & daily life.
    It is a positive feedback loop with distinctly negative consequences.

    All nuance is irrelevant & can be ignored because a majority of the citizenry are incapable of perceiving it, anyway.
    They demand nothing of leaders nor the press except to analyze & define for them which side is "good" & which is "bad."
    The analysis need be merely superficial.
    The justifications/arguments need be only the most simplistic possible.
    The more emotionally charged they are, the more vehement will be adherence to the prescribed good/right/true side.

  3. Environmental activists have known FOR MANY YEARS the shitfuckery of the Democratic Party. Asking them to protect anything environmental is like asking them to give up their best friends and most avid supporters. It was only a matter of time (and not too much of that) and the Democrats (especially the so-called "progressives") will abandon altogether all sense of even being polite with environmentalists and for foreign governments, they will sacrifice all of them for a chance to remain on the generous breast of mother Capital, sucking and enjoying her protection. They are criminals just like the REPUBLICANS. Their crime is the same crime as the Republicans only they have a different excuse….something about keeping their powder dry. (Behind the scenes however they are doing that so they will have good powder when it comes time to shoot their constituents.)

  4. Anti-communist fear and loathing became anti-Russian fear and loathing the day after the Soviet Union fell apart.
    It's not about morality or ideology, the United States just needs enemies.

  5. Rosa Luxemburg pointed out that Social Democracy still relies on imperialism. Sanders and Parenti lost their friendship over Sander’s support of the Yugoslavia intervention.

    Both the USA and EU want to maintain the petroleum dollar hegemony. The difference is EU actually has a social democracy, but they will be severely hurting because the war.

  6. This picture makes my morning. It almost looks like a fascist s1g hei1. I don't even know if YouTube will allow me to write that. But it's hilarious. And so so perfectly captures where we are politically right now. Perfect political commentary art. I love it

  7. US is not a democracy because the only "voters" that count are the corporations, and some of the biggest are the arms industry and the media. For them, war is good business.

  8. Filling out my California primary ballot tomorrow. I'll never vote Democrat again. (Never have voted Republican!) Peace and Freedom Party, Socialist, or Communist, only because I've lost faith in the Greens. I voted for Howie Hawkins in 2020 and Jill Stein in 2012, 2018.

  9. Not impressed by this guy (milquetoast) but… at least he will provide a place for people to vote, knowing he can't possibly win. But that's NOT the point of voting 3rd party. The point is ensuring your vote doesn't go for a Dem/Repub. They have to know that WE ARE DONE WITH THEM!

  10. Foreign policy has always been aligned between dem and rep. Any rhetoric was purely for political points. It’s ironic that dems have started so many wars, with the exception of iraq. Look at the entire scheme of Ukraine going back to 2014, Libya, Syria, Somalia. But that discussion is a waste of time. We have to let go of dem vs rep, it’s truly elitists vs us. They play on our emotions and divide us against each other, while were consumed with fight on social media, they’re laughing all the way to the bank.
    In Ukraine, we backed a violent overthrow, sparking civil war, we chose to back and arm a side, in violation of the peace agreement. The fighting in Ukraine is taking place only in the areas where the gov had sent jets, tanks, and nazis, to attack the people. They literally dropped bombs from fighter jets onto city streets and burned people alive in barricaded buildings. I think those people deserve a choice of independence or Russia, but instead we’re siding and arming extremists once again. We pretend it’s a war of conquest by evil Putin only to justify and gain support for more weapons, involvement, and sanctions. Read Rand corp (pentagon think tank) study “unbalancing and overextending Russia” from 2019. It reads like a blueprint to creating this conflict.

  11. Everyone should watch prof. John mearsheimer’s talk “why Ukraine is the west’s fault” from 2015, on YouTube. It’s a great breakdown of the conflict!

  12. Quit thinking in terms of Republicans and Democrats, those politicians are the puppets, their strings are controlled by the ruling class, the oligarchs. That is why nothing ever changes and you never get anything they promise, the same people are always in control.

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