How Russian S-400 defence system works | Why U.S. is against it | S-400 vs. Israeli Iron Dome

In this video, we’ll learn how the Russian S-400 missile defense system works, why it is seen as a threat to United States stealth technology. Difference between S-400 and Israeli Iron Dome.

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Written by Amit Sengupta


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  1. Peaceful in minority
    We want secular nation human rights
    Peaceful in majority
    We want peaceful nation no rights and no permission other religions
    Peaceful don't accept and respect others
    So why others accept and  respect peacefu?
    Any body support?

  2. Your voice Your explanation Your style of clearing each and every doubt is just amazing sir
    No one can match u
    We r blessed that by youtube we r getting a chance to hear u
    Amazing sir
    God bless u keep going and achieve whatever u want💜

  3. So the US doesnt allow other countries the freedom of choice, to choose what weapons to buy… doesnt that contradict everything they stand for?? Democracy, freedom of choice, etc etc…?? Am i missing something here.?

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