How scientists suppressed the lab-leak theory

Tom, Fraser and Ella discuss the origins of Covid-19.

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  1. Listen to the WHO online-congress of 2020. A famous German scientist Prof Drosten was ellaborating how the virus developped in bats and then he was just about to talk about how it jumped to humans, the WHO moderator interrupted him and said that his time had ran out and they went to the next speaker. Did the WHO knew in 2020 that the bat theory was wrong 🤔🤫🤔🤑🤑🤑

  2. There are plenty of people out there who still think this came from a bat and a pangolin, it’s funny on the face of it but more than that it’s worrying that adults can be so easily hoodwinked.
    I mean there’s a level 4 bio safety lab in the middle of Wuhan that carried out gain of function research into the transmission of corona viruses from bats to humans and that was completely ignored after it was announced it came from the wet market and anybody who said otherwise (like me)was branded a loon.
    Get on your knees and apologise to the world you stupid fools.

  3. I heard a conspiracy theory about an island where rich, powerful and the so called elites go to have their way women, sometimes very young women, who were apparently procured in not always legal and moral ways.

  4. Spreading the possibility of a lab leak would get you banned on social media…. Fauci the Fraudster even wrote to Fuckerburg asking for the removal of any content suggesting such a probability…. yet Covid has to date NEVER been isolated…. we can all have an opinion as to why… but you cannot deny the facts.. guess many don't want to upset China…

  5. People in China knew it was not from bats and also knew it was most likely a lab leak right from the start. Because if it came from bats it would have broken out in the south and where bats are eaten and not where it did brake out. So this has been known in China right from the beginning as toldvto me by a reliable source.

  6. Perhaps the only good thing to have come out of all this is that it has wised up a lot of people who until 2020 still somehow managed to believe the comical notion that governments, their stooges and their owners were acting in the interests of the public.

  7. Well the 'Science' on global-warming, has become unopposable religious faith now hasn't it? A lot of 'Science' isn't really that scientific.
    Right at the start of covid I heard 'expert scientists' on the radio saying words to the effect ' well they didn't believe us about brexit, you'd better believe us about covid'.

    The opinions of scientists, when it comes to MODELLING POSSIBLE FUTURE OUTCOMES – are almost always political, perhaps religious and don't seem to understand just how much more infinitely complicated nature is compared to workings of the best computers we have.

    Aren't all scientific theories eventually disproved or at least modified and honed by scientific enquiry, experiment and experience, isn't that what science is?

    Look at the prognostications about covid infections etc. pushing worst case scenarios but not bothering to mention that, because it was part of propaganda so people obeyed some behaviour they advocated – to some extent, they don't understand that they don't understand.

    My prediction … we'll have 'the worst ever winter for the NHS' every year for the next decade.

  8. There seems to be a kind of peculiar double think going on regarding the slow acceptance of the lab leak story and the vaccine rollout by some people.
    Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak are up to their necks in this (conspicuous by their absence from this particular discussion), and are working hand in glove with the pharmaceutical industry.
    Yet it is viewed as almost accidental that the so called "conspiracy theorists" were right when it came to the lab leak, and also as unfortunate as it has lead to doubts about the vaccine rollout.
    Why is it so difficult for people to imagine that the people responsible for creating and releasing this virus might also be seeking to profit from the supposed solution? And why is it so hard to believe that an entirely novel biotechnology that was brought out in a fraction of the time it normally takes inevitably means that some pretty serious corners were cut?
    No long term safety data, unfinished clinical trials, massive conflicts of interest wherever you look, and an industry notorious for its criminal activities: there are so many red flags all over this saga that I simply do not understand how they seem to be invisible to so many.
    No, we are all just crazy conspiracy theorists, and despite a business model that requires its clients to remain sick, Big Pharma has our best interests at heart.

  9. Fauci in facing the senate hearings looks like a naughty boy caught with is hand in the cookie jar. We've had top scientists depending on funding from the likes Soros or Gates prostituting themselves to protect their funding. And tec billionaires like Zuckerberg's Facebook & Twitter acting like Reichministers for State Propaganda which Joseph Goebbels would be proud.

  10. the WHO "investigation" in China was a whitewash and only Sky News Australia was willing to give the evidence a full hearing. Big tech makes their billions from cheap shit made in China so they have every reason to try and silence the truth.

  11. I am supposed to trust people who lied about the lab-leak that their vaccine is safe and effective? And then keep taking that drug every few months because it is not effective ?

    I am not stupid. You have to be an utter moron to take something in your body repeatedly which known liars are telling you is safe.

  12. The suggestion that this virus sprang in to being from nowhere, and with such an incredible human transability from the word go, is the equivalent of a baby being born with the ability to speak three languages fluently.

  13. Would any sane government get China to do ‘gain of function ‘ research on bat viruses and then be surprised when the virus escapes , decimates western societies and causes up to 10 million deaths . Fauci is still at large !

  14. The unfortunate truth is that big tech is perfectly positioned to be an entity that can be used by the common people to actually hold government to account in a way that has been previously been unimagined. That's why they have taken control of them.

  15. Hmmm, accidentally? , tied in nicely to oust Trump and the unprecedented trade deal he had forced them to sign (which contained a Claus that in the event of a pandemic the deal was nulled?) 🤦‍♂️

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