How Telegram Became the Anti-Facebook

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  1. I use Telegram but I don't trust it at all. They don't use industry standard encryption, instead opting for their MTProto protocol that is effectively encryption through obscurity, and the fact that it doesn't use end-to-end encryption by default is looking increasingly quaint in a world whose messaging apps are starting to default to it.

  2. Telegram has been a vital facility for me and I use the desktop application more than email. I marvel at how such a small team of developers have built this brilliant code on so many platforms. BTW: When I need private communications I have "secure chats" already established for mobile to mobile use with a time-to-live setting.

  3. A downside of Telegram is the use people give to it… it gives illegal pornography another way to be shared, also it gives terrorism ways to communicate, in a few words every illegal stuff can be done via Telegram with no worries.

  4. Honestly, I had it confused with Signal, which I think is the one used by the right-wing crazies in the US? God, I'm old. I use carrier pigeons for all my secret communications. Awfully hard to trust a company that opaque. Is he avoiding scrutiny by the Kremlin, or perhaps supporting protests and potentially destabilizing or distracting governments might fit the Kremlin's needs? I say this knowing nothing of the context to all the protests.

  5. My number 2 app after YouTube. It's much better than those like WhatsApp or our Viber (mostly Russian speaking app). Telegram stores all the data on the cloud ,which is amazing considering how much you might use it, sending videos and stuff. Not the case for other apps. Chinese WeChat could get several gigs of storage in a few months if you are a regular user, for example

  6. Thanks for posting this. Very interesting. I love the term "fundamentalist libertarian". Yeah, that's not the least bit cultish or scary. What is it about tech that leads to these megalomaniacal founders?

  7. All these talks about privacy…
    How do we know that Gboard, for example, is not sharing the data you type to third parties? Predictive suggestions are implemented through algos. Every single keyboard app is potentially a threat to your privacy.
    Telegram is a great app though, fast, reliable, great features and no ads.

  8. The cloud-based encryption is required to provide an overall much better experience than available in any other app ever.
    It's features compared to WhatsApp or even Signal is endless and i would take this trade-off over the loss of features we get due to end to end encryption.

  9. Facebook is going downhill. I'm sick of the censoring (biased censorship) constant ads and BS, I may try telegram for no ads or censorship. Even Instagram is annoying now, I liked when it was chronological and I only seen what I wanted like cars, trucks, and so on.

  10. Been using TG for since early '20 and have really liked it. Everyone I followed was banned from MSM socialist media; ie Trump etc. TS is way better but TG has been a great crutch to fill the void for anons and truthers.

  11. I can delete every app in my device except telegram. It is so vital, it its mini app tools (bots) like dictionary bot, music bot, video bot, text to speech bot, news bot. It is amazing, it is crazy and it is should be protected at all costs. Thanks paul durov you have made my life simple since 2016 of using this app, I no longer have to pay for any premium feature. 🙂

  12. Telegram is so much better than any other messaging app that I have used. And channels feature is just awesome. I get almost all my news and memes from various channels from telegram.

  13. Also: technical information and privacy aside, we all know facebooks strength was in large part to guys seeking to hook up with chicks.. Chicks pulled in the masses, unfortunately…

  14. How is Telegram making money? Through the TON token? A decentralised uncensorable blockchain social media app like Panquake will do away with all the centralized and opaque downside. But will people be willing to pay for these benefits?

  15. This video is nothing but a hit job on Telegram with almost nil information and reliance on the testimony of a single person who is planning to leave Telegram.

  16. weak episode. you basically just said "oh most people are dumb so telegram is bad"
    usually you make better videos than this, but this one is just vague guesswork. People do not think that telegram is end to end encrypted, it's pretty clear that only the secret chats are as such. Mostly it's popular because it isn't under the thumb of the authoritarian nuts in power that want to control everything everywhere. telegram sucks, but it's not in the same category of service as Facebook so comparing the two is pretty nonsensical.

    you have been propagandized and don't realize it, it's just a chat app and it's not even that great. it mostly now has boomers and scammers on it anyway.

  17. I personally started using Signal since my family doesn't exclusively use one mobile operating system. After the Smarter Every Day video about privacy and data control on WhatsApp, it was definitely a trusting move but we all switched to Signal as the alternative to WhatsApp since some of us were already familiar with it. Just the fact that a Facebook company might be in control of what happens to my messaging data was enough to make me believe that I needed to make the switch. It DOES have end-to-end encryption by default and in fact the company has said that it is the only way the app is run. Of course, it's just another company, but I'll take my chances with someone who's promising actual security without an obvious ulterior motive.

  18. In a world increasing authoritarian..advert of Canada… 🤔. US/EU support this app when it's used in Iran Russia. But when it's used against the US/EU establishment. It will be attacked and shut down.

  19. i have 4 messaging apps on my phone, i don't need any more, if i needed to over throw a government id do what the afghans did, send a boy on a bike with a verbal message. till then ill send mems, pictures of bollocks and arrangement's to meet in a pub by what i have.

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