How TERRIFYING new ESG rules will transform the ENTIRE WORLD

ESG is here, and now, it could fundamentally transform the entire Western World OVERNIGHT. New ESG reporting rules from the European Union (EU) will affect nearly every major American corporation — meaning YOUR life likely will fundamentally change as well. In this clip, Glenn is joined by The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins to discuss these new standards. Together, they explain how the EU’s plan will affect U.S. businesses, how it will affect YOUR life, and why — when it comes to the transformation of society — this is the MOST IMPORTANT story, period…

Watch Glenn dive into this topic further TONIGHT during his Wednesday Night Special: ‘Farmland Wars.’ Catch it on at 9pm ET or on Glenn’s YouTube page at 9:30pm ET.

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Written by Glenn Beck


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  1. The EU is the most corrupt body of bureaucrats, lobbyists and politicians I have ever encountered. The double standards are outrageous.
    Against the will and behind the back of the EU population they're negotiating the trade agreement "Mercosur" with South America. It will be extremely harmful to the environment and destroy small and middle-sized farmers in Europe.
    To compensate for the damage to the environment and climate, they agree to an economically damaging pact such as the ESG.

    The people of Europe are becoming increasingly impoverished and this will speed up the process. At the same time, the EU autocrats have approved a 7% salary increase for themselves (so far, they earned a modest €15,000 to €25,000 per month, plus allowances, health insurance, pension rights, et cetera). Paid holidays, paid maternity leave (also for fathers), paid sick leave, 14 salaries per year, etc. are standard in Europe anyway.

  2. It's a done deal. I just finished a corporate charity stint that I was pressured into joining, and found dozens of other corporate employees fulfilling their "Give First" requirement to boost their company's ESG score. They capture your entire life. I retire in 2 years.

  3. There has to be a combined Civil Action Lawsuit against the EU and its officers. I don't see any other way of handling this horrific disaster. Boycotting will not work as most of the CEO's of these companies are currently Woke and, as such, will gladly go along. Hopefully there will be enough judges, that are against this nonsense, to tell the EU to go fly a Communist kite.

  4. People worldwide need to come in order to stop this ESG, because together we can bring ESG down. We also need to take a stand against corrupt global government's by refusing to comply to their demands. Rise Up!

  5. Black Rock is buying up real estate like crazy.
    This hits every country USA, China, Taiwan, etc.
    It is the start of the enslavement of humanity.
    America could survive except the fact that our government is not going to let America survive.
    Just read your bible.
    People are going to have everything taken away and people will die.

  6. "One world Government" / "New World Order" / "ESG" All comes to one point; it verifies Biblical Prophecy! The One world Government/Religion/Monetary system is coming!!! The Bible prophesied it was coming! It will happen!!! Just as everything in the Bible is 100% truth! The "MARK of the Beast" comes shortly after! Better wake up people!!!

  7. If Ford and the other big companies where against this it would not be happening. So here's my opinion. They have to have an end game to go along with this. My opinion the small companies farmers etc that can't afford to change things to tge rules which they will keep changing.(like some of the companies who contracted farmers to farm for them did they kept upping the bar more changes more changes etc and when they couldn't keep up with it I believe that they lost their farms. I'm not sure but I think either the companies got the farms or the banks or the banks got them and then the companies bought them. I'm not sure who ended up with tge farms. I think the corporations did but I'm not sure) but the small and medium size companies will ho under and they will probably loose their homes etc because they list their business. You will own nothing and be happy. It will be the companies that own everything like the company you work at the company house you live in the compsny store you shop at. The companies will own everything. You will own nothing and be happy. This is how in my opinion they will achieve this. Just look how many homeless there are

  8. They have to collapse all the economies to complete the great reset. If people are starving homeless sick and desperate people are easier to control and they can bring in tge social credit store digital currency and ID.

  9. E O 1 4 0 6 7 will collapse the U S C urrency on May6th, same day, the CentralBankWorldwide implement the C B D C "you won't be able to buy or sell without it"… charlesprince(of)wales "you will know him by the number of his name" 6 6 6. is coronation on may6… Co incidence..? the rabbi are saying they have spoke to the messiah.. (anti C H R I S T) and they are presenting him with a 10 cubits gold, winged statue of him standing on dead B A B I E S. Photos on google. This happens during the building of the new temple where he will shut down the daily sacrifices (abomination of desolation) Prepare for Endurance and put on the full armor of God.

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