How The Biggest Banks Get Away With Fraud

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  1. deutsche bank fucked themselves so hard with fraud and the innocent consumer division had to suffer. (worked there when I did my apprenticeship in germany. many colleges had to go)

  2. "Wallstreet financial engineers" <- Economists is the word to use… Using "engineer" for accountants (yes that's what those people are,… intelligent and savvy maybe,… but still just accountants) is an insult to REAL engineers!

  3. Why do I get the vibe that our friendly neighborhood whistleblower Rob, is anything but? Why do I feel like I just listened to a polished presentation that just happens to mention in passing that our friend has a way to get 40% returns from apparently just mimicking the bad guys? I wonder if he'll share his secret; and I wonder if he'll do it for free. Nah, probably just imagining things.

  4. World is run by mafia. I personally knew this is happening. Banks were behind GFC.
    A limited number of people who are very very powerful gain profit from every transaction.

  5. We need to reconsider the term “too big to fail”. I’d rather fine the company at such a high cost that It’ll most likely destroy the company financially, than let such companies survive.
    On top of that, we should have an independent regulatory oversight system that totally disregards politics and can override the Supreme Court so it can do its work.
    Further on, hard enforcement on very strict loan percentage vs the savings account percentage, like 10% loan means the bank must minimum give a 5% savings account rate and the bank can’t reduce the savings account rates only increase it.

  6. Barclays Bank swindled me via an ATM fault, which no one will address. "I stood at an ATM, entered my pin took my card and hovered hand by draw to recieve my cash (£100). However an EMPTY draw opened and then closed? I retarted my transaction assuming simple glitch or I did something wrong, but was refused (lack of funds). I took a statement for proof of this thinking they will sort it out at the Bank. No they run me around for 2 weeks saying there is no record of an error? Now I see £100 of my money GONE and no error found. That £100 hasn't just evapourated by magic it was taken from my account and someone has taken it. After the 2 weeks I have to allow for their "checks" I have been paid again and their dirty trick starts to be brushed under Barclays personal carpet.

  7. Second half of the video is complete nonsense. Banks lost nothing on ETNs going to zero because they hedge their exposure 100%. ETNs are projected to zero because the underlying are futures which trade in a state of contango the bulk of the time due to the structure of the futures curve. Anybody can profit from this by shorting the instrument and being able to hold through spikes and maintain enough collateral. Was a big fan of the channel before, not anymore.

  8. Yeah let's make regulations so we can keep profiting for our greed. You know psychiatrist hooked up a bunch of electrodes to the brains of addicted heroin addicts and people who are addicted to greed and the same dopamine release was detected in the same area of the brain on both subjects.

    It's also complete bullshit that the American public bails out the banks whenever they fuck up, but when the banks are doing well they don't pay out the American people

    Lastly, after 2008 only one banker went to prison. And to those who think we lost all that money, that's complete crap too the money is never lost it's shifted into other people's pockets, that's how the market works.

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