How the Deep State controls the money supply – Senate 7.02.23

I recently gave a speech on Monetary policy and how very little it is understood.

I covered the Currency Act of 1764 and how it led to the Revolutionary War, the Creation of the Federal Reserve, the PetroDollar and how the creation of the Euro led to the Iraq and Ukraine wars.

Central Bank Independence (which is double speak for no accountability or transparency) has no place in a democracy.


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  1. Good to hear you talk about the Deep State. So many people think I am nuts if I say anything whereas most have no understanding of the financial history so thank you.

  2. ABOLISH INCOME TAXES! It is putrid what our taxes fund these days and our children learn f all of anything important from our education system as they’re born into a culture and society that leaves you complicit, entertained and dumb enough to not know you’re being robbed blind everyday you slave your ass off for a wage that can’t even sustain 2 people in the current economy which is also by design

  3. The Bretton Woods system was ended by Richard "Dick!" Nixon to pay for his Vietmam war …
    Previous to Nixon $35 US was equal to 1 troy Oz of Gold …
    Good Luck finding any currency today worth anything that it isnt Backed by besides debt, blood or sweat …
    Gotta love the worlds Fiat system … Live to Pay …
    All Slaves

  4. Senator Rennick is correct and very patriotic. Australia urgently needs a national bank to control the issue of money for infrastructure projects, fund good private projects like the Project Iron Boomerang and providing banking services for the rural towns. We must not depend on the private banks to fund good projects that are nation building. Australia can create money as our money will be backed by our resources. The present monetary system is unstable and a national bank is necessary to create money and provide liquidity when the world banking system freeze up.

  5. Great factual historical precedence and relevance to what is happening in the west. You nailed it; the the biggest concern is the amount of Autocrats with nil accountability nor interest in serving the people. Keep the pressure up.

  6. Thank you for sharing a snapshot of the real monetary system, not the one most of us have been taught or led to believe. The book The Creature of Jekyll Island goes more indepth to it as does the book World Without Cancer.

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