How the FBI intervenes in US politics

Aaron Mate joins Max Blumenthal to discuss the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago and place the ongoing investigation in the context of Russiagate. Mate and Blumenthal also cover the FBI’s role in manufacturing a far-right plot against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and its political impact.

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  1. who wants to hear about this ? the WSWS is freaked about this, as is counterpunch writer paul street. why ? b/c they completely exaggerate trumps "threat" to democracy. it's been a kleptocracy for decades. yet somehow trump is taking us down dark roads.

     up is down, right is left in this world. trump deranged syndrome, along w/ russiagate, is what has kept D's 'relevant'. the reality of the matter D's and R's represent USA inc. (MIC, big pharma, big oil, big tech, wall street, insurance industry, etc…). … welcome to big brother … USA inc uber alles !!!!!

  2. If you think what the Wall Street controlled duopoly has been doing to the working-class and the poor for the last 40 + years is not violent and life threatening to many of the exploited people, in the working -class then you are not paying attention!

  3. The Great Satan and even greater hypocrite, the Yankee (sorry excuse of an) empire, literally has no shame whatsoever in it… absolutely none. In fact it bemuses me constantly just thinking and wondering how a bunch of Zionist Hillbillies ended up with so much influence over the rest of the world? It bewilders me more how people are just digging their heads into the sand en masse, pretending like we're not already living under a far worse and far more fascistic criminalistic regime than the Third Reich would have ever dreamt of becoming. Well at least the US are being honest about their great admiration of the original Nazis, which is why they're trying hard to revive them. Their despicable and deceitful behaviours are an open mockery and insult of everything and everyone.

  4. Nationalism does not have to be bad. They make it bad. It's how far on the spectrum of nationalism you are. I'm against bombing nations for their natural resources. But when nationalism stands against a one world corporate, and bank run oligarchy. I'm for it. Also, why do we travel to other nations? Is it to experience what we can experience at home? No, it's to experience other cultures. We should be able to be proud of our country. Of course, in the US I can't be. But if we weren't completely corrupt, it would be a cool thing.

  5. Please, if Sanders had gotten in, he would have gotten the same speech every outgoing president gives to the incoming president. I suspect it is something like, "Do what you are told, or you will be Kennedied."

  6. Nope not Russia at all it's Hitlary Epstein. Children .he was going to prove the human trafficking and the people involved. You sovoled why would he have anything about that.which had been proven.WEF con would order pathogen the made .the bio poison.

  7. Spiro Agnew should have been indicted by the U.S. Justice Department, which simply refrained from indicting Agnew in an open-and-shut case without explaination in return for a complex deal in which Agnew resigned, blatantly escaping trial on at least one felony charge. I find it hard to believe that Merrick Garland's Justice Department will indict Trump at all, justifying such inaction on the ground that national security will be damaged by a necessarily complicated trial – or series of trials. Also, if convicted, Trump would plead bias, citing the Sandy Berger and Hillary Clinton breaches of top secret protocols (repeatedly cited recently by the Wall Street Journal in defense of Trump in recent op-ed pieces), and appealing his case all the way up to the right-winger-packed Supreme Court.

  8. And what about the scandal involving Hunter Biden and his laptop? More and more information comes out indicating that the FBI interfered in the 2020 election by withholding critical information on this subject and urged Facebook and others to censor it

  9. All Trump-hating left wing radicals with Trump Derangement Syndrome have the President they deserve. Biden is going to destroy the USA and this will be good for the World. The largest criminal predator the World has ever known. Trump was bad, but Biden is a deranged criminal.

  10. The official history is the FBI created to battle organised crime but in practice battles organised labour or individuals who operate on a different wavelength than the Status quo

  11. Rioting is the only sane response at a time like this. The left needs to quit the pronoun circle jerks and identity politics in favor of meaningful opposition of the corporate state.

  12. Bernie Sanders, after first saying "consider the source (WaPO)", then had his Foreign Policy advisor Matt Duss explicitly say that Bernie accepted the FBI/ CIA's determination that Bernie is a Russian Asset (hopefully in exchange for admitting his "guilt", Bernie got another nice Lake Champlain lake house for when Putin and his Russian friends visit.)

  13. What they're alleging against Trump is basically legally impossible. A President can't mishandle classified information, a President is who gets to decide how classified information is handled, basically.

  14. If the fascist trump was not in charge of the fascist fbi or a member of the military intelligence apparatus as a war criminal, then why did they do everything he told them to do during his regime? Given the fbi and government terror squads penchant for murder and assasination, which they colluded with trump to perform and plot with Julian Assange, why would trump still be alive if he were a true enemy of theirs? What if intelligence agencies, using their constant surveillance and infiltration of both civic and domestic terror groups, figured out trump would be a great "target" not because of any legitimate security infraction, but because they knew it would rile his extremist base into action creating situations that legitimate the existence of those agencies? What if it galvanizes paramilitary violence that creates destabilizing conditions against the Left and oppressed groups without the government getting it's hands dirty so it stays popular with centrists and liberals?

  15. Imagine being told to be frightened of documents in Trump's basement with supposed nuclear codes and not being frightened that dementia Joe has his thumb on the actual nuclear button.

  16. Don't you guys know. The CIA FBI news media all control by the deep state in turn control by the multi national and banks. So simple yet you guys can't get this into your thick skulls. For a wonder the US IS FU$K.

  17. The Libertarian Left abandoned the Democratic Party during the Obama years. They flirted with The Green Party, and then abandoned them during The Trump Years. The Libertarian Left is voting for Republicans starting November…a watershed moment. Why? Because, government has become so corrupt that their individual liberties are threatened…hence, the move to The Republican Party. The Republican Party has a history of civil liberties. Read american history from the founding of the Republican Party until the McKinley presidency. Also, read Garfield's Inaugural address in 1881. The Democratic Party is toast.

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