How the FED Caused Inflation | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar have Marshall interview journalist Christopher Leonard to better understand the role played by the Fed in causing runaway inflation

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New Yorker Feature:

Marshall Kosloff:

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  1. I liked this guest. Cautious and thoughtful without being boring, he clearly knows the issues on this topic and would be curious to see him respond to Saagar and Krystal on the main show.

    Hope you guys bring him back for a segment there as well.

    Also while he tried not to establish a political agenda behind his content, it felt to me like he was at least, decidedly not overtly conservative in his message. Which inspired me to think it would be good to see guests on this segment that might disagree politically with Marshall, and see where that might go.

    I'd be very curious to see how a talk with Marshall and Dr Kornell West might go, for example!

  2. Notice the rich and oligarchs never lose do they? Bankers for bankers like we saw in 2008 and main street forced to sell to Blackstone Schwarzman cheap. CEO’s are republicans and are price gouging on purpose to anger the people and please ….with Larry Summer’s Goldman Sachs banker who destroyed our banking protection laws with Clinton and caused 2008. Every democrat president hires him to take care of the rich! It is corrupt.

  3. He starts off in the right direction , then veers away from blaming Biden.
    Biden isnt to blame for all the inflation but his policies and lack of action to control inflation is at the heart of why it's out of control
    Watch Jimmy Dore interview with Peter Schiff, alot better assessment of the inflation were seeing

  4. Federal spending has had almost nothing to do with the inflation nor does the Fed reserve have control over inflation using interest rates. Such misinformation being spread here its sad.

  5. Is this disaster we're seeing a rebuke or even complete debunking of "modern monetary theory"? I feel like economists have been predicting this exact collapse since the 2010's and saying that just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it's not inevitable under this kind of theory.

  6. The current unemployment rate is 3.6% in the USA down from 14.7% a couple of years ago. The cause of the current inflation is mostly the misallocation of capital (by millions) and incorrect production decisions by global businesses combined with pricing decisions by business leaders during the losing global effort against Covid. As in the 1970s, when critical components to the global supply chain are not produced then pricing becomes manic. We are currently living through the most dangerous political environment since the 1860s.

  7. Great talk I think it would be beneficial to maybe send your guests a better quality mic though for these interviews. Not that he's not understandable but the audio quality bothers me and almost makes me loose my focus at points with slight high pitched echoy room noises. Other than that keep up the great work!

  8. So spending trillions has only a minor effect on inflation? 10 years of easy money from the Fed and it took effect on inflation all at once? Sorry but I don't buy it. Both the Fed and the White House are to blame but all I see is finger pointing.

  9. Didn't people get like 2k tops? So completely unsurprising that the American public is thrown under the bus first. It's not like everybody was out here living like it's 1928–many people were losing work.

  10. I would go further to say the Fed contributed to the current situation since Alan Greenspan. But events related to now go back to 1970: The beginning to outsourcing and the divergence between wages and productivity. The end of the Gold Standard and the beginning of fiscal irresponsibility and the MIC and Neoliberalism. Also the return of the robber barons.

  11. A couple of points – First, this goes back before the 2000's. Production and manufacturing has been moved out of the states. This has had a bad effect on the middle class. It continues today. Second, going green is good, but no one is willing to have a deep conversation about how we get there. It is all hand waving and 2 year plans. None of which is helpful. If we were serious and not being idiots, then Nuclear would be a major part of the discussion. And finally, this administration had signalled in very clear terms, that fossil fuels were going to be cancelled. Biden* used his pen day one to show the world he was serious that America is out of the energy market. Then covid and now he's complaining about energy companies not drilling/producing/investing and begging for oil over seas. The lunacy of not planning and only campaigning.

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