How The Internet Defeated Censorship… And Then Didn’t

How the internet threatened government censorship, but then became a tool of it, and how the internet has become monopolised by huge private entities who have an enormous power, to censor or otherwise.

What do you think of censorship, and censorship on this platform? I do not delete comments, however many seem to get marked as spam and many users seem be shadow banned – not by me.

I didn’t give any specific examples when talking about corporate censorship, as often corporations cite breaches of terms of service and usually corporate online censoring is opaque enough for outsiders to never really be sure why something was removed. I didn’t want to get stuck in the details of specific case where company motives are unclear, and they’re always unclear.

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  1. monopolies are always vehicles for control and abuse of various kinds. if these few internet monsters[size and reach reference], choose to ally themselves under the table…it's goodnight's water rights and we're cattle.. that's the true value of the net, unfettered self-expression for average people

  2. "I dont think they will necessarily roll out mass censorship to the extreme. I don't think it's a profitable thing to do" Youtube at least last we've heard isn't profitable and I can't see it ever becoming profitable if they don't do a wipe and remake their policies since taking into account only storage of youtube videos and not also streaming it already costs a massive amount more than can really ever be made back. So youtube is very much a tool for Alphabet Inc to collect more data for ai and general information gathering and to send out the message they want so realistically unless a competitor is found youtube has very little incentive not to censor.

  3. I wish people would stop using Facebook as their main source of news. People often don't know how to differentiate between actual news and opinion pieces or identify that it's a platform meant to algorithmically connect you with similar content to the content you've already viewed, thus placing people into echo chambers with inherent bias or even pulling the less media literate into conspiracy theory rabbit holes, that are plainly and factually false "information," deliberately designed to mislead and masquerade as news, spreading disinformation meant to farm views for ad money as well as spreading ignorance like a cancer.

  4. Normally, I avoid the comment section like the bubonic plague.
    But on this channel, it's really worth reading!
    Come on, scroll a bit and have a laugh! You won't regret it.

  5. Talking about Google deleting comments automatically. I posted a comment on the holocaust and it was instantly deleted. I tried four more times and each time it was deleted.

    So you can't say what you want if it is counter to the orthodox or mainstream media narrative.

    This is why all the conspiracy videos have been unceremoniously deleted from YouTube cited as being 'dangerous ideas'.

    The internet is as filtered as the Daily Mail or any national news source at this point. The second biggest video sharing website is not findable. I forgot what the address was and now I can't find it any more. I wanted to watch (legitimate) conspiracy videos so I thought "I know, I'll go to the second biggest video sharing website, it shouldn't be hard to find." I can't find it anywhere. All I get told is DailyMotion or Vimeo. I think it was an Indian website.

    So anyway. If you think the west is a society with a free flow of information you would be sorely mistaken.

    China is blocking out alot of the 'internot' (chortle) that is genuinely harmful, like porn or gambling or bs news from the west, which is 99% false. So good for them. But if you want to know what going on tin the world, you won't find out from the internet or tv or newspapers.

  6. The GRS Drinking Game – take a drink when you see the following implicated for criminal activity:

    1940's teletype machine
    1960's IBM servers
    Texas Instruments Home Computer
    Magnetic platter hard drives
    CRT televisions
    Raspberry Pi
    Mark Zuckerberg
    Windows 9X
    C++ programming language
    Old school 3-D glasses (can be used for some segments of this video!)
    Rotary dial telephones
    Server racks
    Angela Merkel
    Google anything
    Bad CGI
    Cheap LCD monitors
    Enigma code machines
    Cafeteria pizza
    Binocular microscopes
    Jeremy Corbyn
    …and many, many more!

  7. i am on Yt´s bad boy list and need to censor all sorts of words, for example i can just say kid fiddler but not the p word. Pretty annoying to figure out what words to replace. Real weird stuff half of my comments go away seconds after i post them.

  8. "Cyber disappearance" is now common practice in the West, completely in line with China. I think the reason people are either unaware or at least not speaking out about this is because the people this usually happens to usually happen to have "right-wing opinions."