How The Left SOLD OUT Everyday People

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt on what happened to the left and its representing of working people.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. The Culture Wars are now just a DISTRACTION from Class War. We let them divide us into 'right' and 'left' on superficial issues, so we won't see the enemy we have in common — globalised corporatism.

  2. The Identitarian Intersectional Left is an embarassment to the Left. They have failed working class voters, put white men off the Left and drove them to the far right, created bigots, racists, transphobes and homophobes and the Identitarian Intersectional Left should be held accountable for being divisive, and openly bigoted.

  3. What Russell was getting at–but using different language–is that there is a "Deep State" both in the US govt and globally. The Deep State is not partisan since it is the power structure that remains the same even as the top leadership changes. You can think of it as the "lowest common denominator" of power, and as the power underwrites the entire system.

    As such, it is very adaptable to cultural issues (do you think Goldman Sacks or Citibank care one way or another about abortion or trans rights?) as long as it's core interests (financial grifting using the power of the federal govt) are not challenged.

    And anyone who comes along and poses a real threat to that power structure (which is maintained as a form of "popular consent" through the corporate-owned mass media)–whether it is someone like Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders–will be targeted for destruction by that power structure. In the US that power structure (the Deep State) has at its disposal not only a great majority of the mass media, but also the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Justice Department all work together to help manufacture events that fuel the mass media narratives that give it power.

    These same agencies also work as a secret police force to spy on, set-up, and judicially persecute political enemies of the system. And furthermore, since 2016, the large tech companies have all hopped on board, and all use their power to censor news and opinion in a way to promotes the media narratives that underwrite the power of the Deep State.

  4. If the left didnt go down the road of radicalism i probably would be a leftist. But now with the disregard of science, suppression of information, lying about situations etc., it turned a lot of people off from the left.

  5. "The left turning to identity issues.", is the right, pretending to be left (controlled opposition), using identity politics to divert attention from their under cutting right wing economic and imperialism agenda. I'm talking about the corporatists conservative Democratic Party–hand in hand with GOP.

  6. They became globalist. They are playing to their future empires.

    They never represented the worker. The minute you let people with college degrees replace people that actually worked in the trade they represented, unions became a tool of elite marxist central government types. Foucault was a pervert that wanted to see the world burn. He brought not a single concept that would improve the condition of man to the discussion.

  7. I'm curious – why aren't there EVER any shocking headlines about "conservatives" – terrorist actions in Jan-6, consistently STILL questioning election results, anything Q-related (that's LITERALLY a cult), Texas racist voter purges, not a SINGLE word about cult daddy trump STILL parading around the country in "campaign mode" ? The republics are literally domestic terrorist – who HATE 'democrat' election results. Where's all the HONEST assessments about what's going on with that ENTIRE half of the country Russ ??

  8. The left would love to say .make a lot of money it's good for everyone especially to us but they can't because it goes towards the Capitalists way of thinking. I think they're burning their candle on both ends being that their Democrat leaders and their Pharma companies are getting richer every day.

  9. Sadly very true. Congress is filled with a litany of multi millionaires who could give two shits about the working class. Regardless of political standing. Historically it seemed the right GOP were more blatant with their neoconservative globalist agenda, however the so called “leftist,” Democrats merely masquerade as democrats while spitting on the working class. Why is no media outlets talking about the insider trading scandal that has netted Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Kelly Loeffler, etc., millions? Because they have been bought and sold. So glad Russell is here to illuminate the skullduggery going on.

  10. I’ve been a registered Democrat for 25 years. Now… I have no party. I suffer from pain and depression as a veteran of this stupid country and I don’t feel represented at ALL! I can’t even get the VA to administer me proper treatment and care let alone honor my legitimate claim for monthly benefit payments. They run on taking care of people like me. The “Little Guy” calls Bull shit!

  11. I'm so proud of you.
    You are now seeing both sides of the political spectrum.
    We are constantly being manipulated by the left and right in America.
    Most of us do want a third party.
    In fact I believe that an invention of a third-party may keep the United States from falling completely apart then going into a civil war.

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