How the Left Weaponises Language

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  1. 0:55 "Woke" entered the zeitgeist during the presidential race of 2016. It refered to people who were aware of the wikileaks publication containing tens of thousands of e-mails contained in John Podestas hacked e-mail account revealing organised gatherings of elite paedophiles (including countless code word exchanges and meetings) during this shift, fake news also appeared to discredit the documents. Julian Assange is still dying in prison without charge as we speak.

    What I find most disturbing about the hole thing is how people have forgot entirely how it all started, who or what Julian Assange was or did. its straight out of 1984.

  2. Being a woke person just means you deliberately lie about reality take away things you perceive people you don't like to possess, whilst totally ignoring reality, history, truth, data etc etc and constantly gasslighting people, all because your too weak to build something your self.

  3. Woke came from the unproven theory people, "wakeup" when talking to someone about a unproven theory such as government mind control, 9-11 etc, it then become when a person started believing the theory they became woke. Just as with CRT it is nothing but a unproven theory with less evidence of it then lizard people lost a future war, went back in time to destroy the WTC buildings and the molten steel pouring out of the buildings was nothing more then fairy dust.

  4. Now make a video on how the right weaponises misinformation. Both sides do this, but the right does it better because capitalism funds mainstream media which spreads it like cancer. Especially in the UK, where a majority of mainstream media is heavily right-influenced, and in Tory pockets.

    The right, especially the modern right, has often represented themselves above all others, and only show faux appreciation for their voter base because that's how they remain in power. Do enough to appease the majority. Pretend to care and fuel a self-serving plutocracy.

    The right are on the way out though. As the current generation approaches voting age, their votes will at least match the votes of the current generations. I'm not saying the left are good, I think both sides have merit but the parties that currently represent these types of politics aren't doing a good enough job and the voters who align themselves towards a particular wing don't represent the politics of their wing entirely, which is why you see all this "woke leftist" nonsense.

    But it's equally "woke" for the right to assume that the entirety of the left is "woke", just as it is stupid for the left to assume that the entirety of the right are all self-serving money-grabbers.

  5. Callum is 100% correct. The term 'woke' originated in what the left would call "alt-right" message boards and was used along the same lines as someone being 'red-pilled' — awoke from the simulation.

  6. Perhaps the earliest known usage of woke in the modern sense was in 1938 by the singer Lead Belly when describing his song Scottsboro Boys, a song about some black men falsely accused of raping 2 white women. He said "I advise everybody, be a little careful when they go along through there – best stay woke, keep their eyes open." It pretty much evolved from there.

  7. What's the difference between a "a fiery but mostly peaceful protest" and a "riot"? You'll find that no matter what, it's ALWAYS a riot when it's right wing but a protest when it's left wing regardless of body count and property damage.

  8. A bit late watching this vid, I have found the encyclopedia on New Discourses website a great help in understanding how social justice theories use language and how they attached ideological phrases to just one word. All written by James Lindsey and he explains everything in plain english. It's free to read and gives quotes from critical theory literature and how this ideology has developed out of Marxists being disgruntled that a communist revolution did not happen in western society. It's Ok to be White.

  9. Woke, madness. We have equal opportunity laws. What the hell are diversity managers. Telling people what jobs we have to do aswel what we can say. These control freaks must go. People rule not these government loons we have.

  10. You keep telling us you've done a lot of work on this but you've missed the fact that there is a firm definition of what racism is. Racism is discrimination based on race. You wrongly suggest that it is about animosity towards a particular race but that's not what the dictionary definition says. Any form of discrimination on the basis of race is racism it doesn't matter what the motivation for it is. By not aknowledging this you are playing the left's game and losing. Your loss is so great that you even speak in their language when talking about racism. For instance your claim that Britain isn't a racist country is buying into their propaganda that racism is something only non whites suffer. Britain may not be racist under this interpretation of racism but that's because you are ignoring the left's discrimination in favour of non whites and also direct anti white racism. That of course is what they want.

  11. Vaccination definition pre 2021 – The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity
    Vaccination definition 2021  – The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection.

    literally animal farm

  12. So because Neo-Cons aka Trotskyites weaponized language, anyone who's a conservative and doesn't like Neo-Cons is guilty of the same thing. Makes sense, I mean, it's not like Trotsky was a leftist or anything

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