How The Mainstream Media Helped HEARD

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Written by SEC


  1. What an excellent article! Im so happy to see this out there. Main stream media are despicable cowards to so easily jump on AH bandwagon and crucify an innocent man. Where as Johnny, who has shown the truth to the world, who I know would be have under such intense pressure, stress , anxiety, god bless his beautiful soul for being so very strong. I believe now that Johnny is much stronger and we all must stand by him no matter what. His heart, soul, and sorrow has been on display worldwide ? I am so so so happy that he has not only survived this horror, but is moving forward, always with a kind word and a smile now. Even in his darkest days, he continued to be kind. As a DV survivor myself, and as many other survivors on here know, the agony, crushing lows, devastation (and so much more) experienced and endured when you are too afraid to speak out, when you are silent about the abuse you are experiencing. But now, again as many know, when you finally are able to stand back up and rebuild your authentic soul, from the destructive dismantling by the abuser, what a wonderful day that is. Johnny is standing strong. The light at the end of the tunnel is much much closer now. Justice must be served on AH. ?

  2. Real victims don't have anything to gain financially. I've known several. I remember one woman's advice to another who was afraid to leave for financial reasons. She said she would lose everything and have nowhere to go. She said, "Then lose everything and go anywhere else. That's what I did. You can lose your home because you can get another one someday. You can lose your car because you can get another one someday. You can lose your job because you can get another one someday. If you lose your Life, you can't get another one." Since then, I've wished to God so many people would take that advice. That's why someone pretending to be in that situation for financial gain angers me so much. It isn't just a sexist trope from a "Stan."

  3. Such a shame that Deborah Handover seems to be an exception and not the majority
    A real lack of critical thinking from the media and access media
    Since this all kicked off it has been clear that there were some powerful people invested in her career and elevation