How the Media is Covering Voter Fraud Allegations

#1562 w/Dave Smith:

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  1. The fact that cheating in the presidential election is ok as long as it doesn't happen too much lol. Like if there was only voter fraud in 1 or 2 states they would be like yeah but Biden won all these other states. How is that ok? ?

  2. “If you wanted to sail a ship across the ocean, would you have everybody unaware of seafaring vote on the captain they liked the best? No, you’d obviously have those with experience choose the best person for the job”
    – paraphrased from another philosopher, maybe Socrates

  3. 9:05 two party system favors only those upper echelon rich politicians. we are duped to liking one party or the other. like in sports people will root for their team even when they suck. The political pendulum swings back and forth. always has, always will. that is why independents dont stand a chance.

  4. the guy said the news should just show him going on about voter fraud and debunk it after. The problem with that is letting the president spout off a conspiracy theory is dangerous, the kinds of people you don't want hearing that bullshit are the same people who won't be dissuaded by any debunking. It'd be better to just not let it get into their heads in the first place. "The Right To Free Speech" means the cops can't arrest you for anything you say or publish. It doesn't mean a news organization has to give a platform to a liar who's actively trying to manipulate the public. Same goes for Nazis. If I were a famous public figure and I went around making some devils advocate argument about heroin actually being great, and everyone should try it, its your god given right, and the media has only ever fed you a single biased narrative, no one is under any obligation to allow me the chance to make my point. Its completely false and its a dangerous thing to put out into the world. Sure you could debunk me afterword but is it worth the risk of someone listening to me and trying heroin?

  5. you know Karl Rove made the statement during the Bush administration that reality is what we define it as, obviously Joe's part of that reality.

  6. Isn’t 1 offence enough ? It’s like machine gunning a group and deciding there can’t be an offence because x number of kills wasn’t reached ? This is seriously weird shit

  7. 8:15 completely agree. Democracy for all is the greatest threat to us. We should switch to an elite democracy. In video games you earn your right to play in the grandmaster league. You should do the same for political decisions

  8. "buy an iPhone, so you can vote"-Joe's logical thought
    what universe are these fools living if showing up, voting in person, and verifying your citizenship is too much to ask of a person. Military absentee should always be a thing, but this always happens at the same is not a surprise occurance. There's no reason, other than illness that should prevent you from fitting that into your schedule. The only way to actively combat voter fraud is to eliminate the vectors through which it can occur.

  9. News: "We won't show you this speech about voter fraud because we can't prove it's true"
    Also News: "Covington school kids with Trump hats taunt Native American man"

  10. Isn't there a video of Trump supporters surrounding and damn near running Biden's bus off the road in Texas?
    But he's crying about not getting a fair shot at the election? ???

  11. From 4 million to a hundred million, let’s keep in mind that was 20 years, she was sec of state and a senator, and 20 years of investments after being the president, I can see that

  12. It's almost like Joe Rogan plays stupid while clearly not being stupid. Which makes it worse. It's almost as if he dummies down depending on his guest. He's not this dense when Burr or Chappelle is on his show.

  13. The reason this is so hotly contested is because of the large accumulation of centralized power. The country was designed to operate this way. Federal government had a very limited scope of responsibilities. All others not strictly conveyed to the Federal government was to be left to the states, according to the 10th amendment. If California wants a single payer system, let them have it, fund it, and manage it. If New York wants a combined tax level north of 60% let them confiscate income from their citizens. If people leave their state because of it, let them reap the rewards of their decisions. Too much power centrally located and managed is always ripe for corruption, inefficiency, incompetence, and a lack of creativity.

  14. If there was real tangible evidence, there would be a lot more talk about this by the trump administration… The only people talking about it is right wing social media and conspiracy peopl