How The Media SHUT DOWN Discussions of Biden’s Age | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar talk about how media elites prevented a discussion of Biden’s age from happening until it became a major political issue for Biden’s re-election

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  1. So what, 85% of politicians are old as hell and it will stay that way, just like how no one likes political dynasties, but if a bartender gets elected people wonder why they are there, that is just american politics

  2. In a geriatric runoff between Biden and Trump the age issue simply evens out – Biden might be a few years older and balder, but Trump had less faculties to begin with and has a family history of dementia, so…

  3. The "too old" stuff is almost as a bad an obfuscation as "he has a stutter"

    Biden's problem is that he is clearly suffering from senility; that would still be a concern if he were ten years younger. By contrast, a completely lucid and sharp 90 year old wouldn't necessarily be a problem.

  4. So the 1% corporate types are circling the wagons in an attempt to protect the most powerful man on the planet from being criticized by the powerless.
    Well if we want a cynical and adversarial media to question every single thing a president does I guess we're going to have to hope we elect a Republican president

  5. You two are fascists. You make more money when you bring up BS like Biden's age. You are scum bag grifters. Everything you two do comes from Tucker's playbook. Its 100% lie to say the media does not talk about Biden's age.

  6. The first election that I voted in was President Reagan's reelection; the media was obsessed with his age and fitness and it was discussed on the nightly news constantly. Keep in mind that in 1987/88, the nightly news still meant something and had to squeeze all the news of the world into 30 minutes. Now there are countless news channels and they spend little to no time discussing Biden's fitness. Joe Biden is already older than President Reagan was when he LEFT office. Forget that Biden is the worst President in the last century and a half, if not ever. Forget that Biden is compromised by China, Russia, Ukraine, etc. Forget that Biden's Cabinet and closest advisors are there for political favors, not out of merit. He is clearly suffering from progressive dementia and it's a MAJOR concern for the leadership of our country. Just watch some of Biden's speeches from the campaign trail and watch him now. He has regressed significantly in just the last 2 years. This is a national security risk that puts all of us at peril from our adversaries.

  7. Wait, the top 4 concerns of the young, there's no inflation? That tells me they don't pay for anything, except maybe their auto, and still live at home with Mom and Dad… 🤔

  8. Biden's mental decline was clearly evident in 2020 while he was on the campaign trail. His wife, doctor, the DNC, Media, and his base all conspired to cover-up the fact that Biden was unfit for the highest office of the land in the world's most powerful nation. However, Biden's mental deficits provide some insight into how little is actually required of a president as the deep state fills the void.

  9. The media shut down discussion of, Biden's age, Biden's son, Biden's connection to China, Biden's cancer, Biden's covid response, efficacy of lockdowns, efficacy of vaccines, safety about vaccines, origins of covid.

    But remember, republicans are fascists.

  10. Tucker Carlson did a good piece on this recently. According to a former Biden campaign staffer, they give Biden a pill one hour before any of his public speaking appearances. It's probably similar medication to what Sen. Dianne Feinstein takes for her Alzheimer's.

  11. Essentially all legacy media and most social media are all owned by or work for the establishment. What did we expect?
    You guys are one of the few news sources that isn't bought and paid for.

  12. at a certain point you really have to ask is this person's claim to be the best presidental choice really genuine when he/she knows and we all know they're not at their peak performance and someone younger could bring more of a 100% every day. Imo we shouldn't really consider people past retirement age, go enjoy your old years stop burdening us with your incompetence

  13. David Pakman and Sam Harris pretended he was 100% fine when he was running then before the midterms even arrive they have both said he's too old and is losing mental capacity.

  14. I think the denial is worse for him in specific because they don't want to present him to have any faults when compared to Trump, who's all strung out on adderall and definitely has no issues maintaining a constant thought.

    But yeah, ignoring age is def. a repetitive problem in DC. Can't let the people find out that a bunch of millionaire geriatrics don't represent them.

  15. He’s not TOO OLD, he’s clearly too DEMENTED as a result of his multiple brain aneurysms. If Biden’s age is the problem, then Saagar should be equally opposed to McConnell being Senate Majority LEADER again, since he’s the same age as Biden, and Krystal shouldn’t want Bernie LEADING any Senate committee since he’s one year older than Biden and McConnell. Noam Chomsky’s brain still works just fine at 93, and so why doesn’t Biden’s at 79 going on 80? Probably because of Biden’s multiple brain aneurysms, but they refuse to even raise that possibility and instead focus on something as ridiculous as his age based on the other examples I just provided.

  16. It's not his age its just his decline which will be different for all of us. But Biden compared to Trump is soo different. Also people vary in age when they become adults too! But he is so far gone it is so weird! I don't believe the Biden beats Trump poll that is only one poll. Maybe if you have 5 or 6 like Trump does for should it be him or DeSantis

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