How the official COVID vaccine report spins its “controversial” findings

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  1. I used to have a friend ( he no longer speaks to me due to my lack of support for the Government injections) He social distances to the extreme, disinfects everything that comes into his house, refuses to attend his place of work, wears a marsk at ALL times, has enjoyed two injections, recently had the Coof but is still refusing to engage with society. He is now receiving mental heath treatment from the NHS. SO SAD!

  2. And, for the first point, because the media/authorities have effectively kept the information low-profile that jabbed people are as likely if not more to have CV, WHY would any injected people bother with a Covid test? After all, they've been vaccinat.ed so "what's the point"? and in many cases they won't even realise they can still carry CV.
    After all these aren't what the name suggests they are.

  3. I went to a barbq at the week end and the subject of getting boosters came up and someone said when do you get yours and i replied quietly i havent had my first, f me all eyes descend and then all the bs accusations come out, i said calmly do you believe the jab works and the reply was yes, i then said whos the greater threat you or me and they said i was, i then said how many people do you know who have been seriously from the whuflu and the reply was 1 or 2, i said how many people do you know who were ill after the jabs and they said loads, i then said how many people have died because of the jab and the room went still and a few said they have relatives that had the booster and the flu jab in one and days latter passed away. Im not an anti vaxer i just want to see what shit storm comes out, i was told i am a fool and i replied your getting your 3 jab and they are rolling out possibly having to have a fourth in usa and Israel so are you now confident that every 4 months you need a top up for something that 98% can recover from, at that point i let them think and i said stop listening to msm fear porn propaganda and look for your own answers.

  4. When you have to resort to complex word manipulation , then you are by definition struggling to back up your facts . And of course if then you proceed to delete certain parts of your data to fit your facts , at the very least it makes it all a pointless exercise . Thanks to our brave YouTuber , we can at least glen some perspective of what is really going on . Be it still very confusing

  5. I am a 67 year old female… unvaccinated…. recently retired….
    5 times a week I travel for 2hours a day on public transport.. without any anxiety whatsoever….. I have a friend of similar age… also retired… Double jabbed and anxious to get her top up ASAP… On Sunday she refused to come into my house whilst I put my coat on ready for a walk we were about to take. . I rest my case.

  6. Families members who have had jab, boosters, wear masks permanently , haven’t been out since the beginning except to shop – got covid yesterday. Next door neighbour – parents haven’t been jabbed, but two older children disobeyed their parents and took the jab, both got covid, passed it to all members of the family – these two older children are masked even outside in the street. I don’t know anyone who has died from covid. I know lots of people who tested positive for covid who had nothing more than a sniffle – it looks to me suspiciously like a common cold, but what do I know ? I’ve not had the jab, I’ve had covid, I have been socialising unrepentantly, I keep fit by lifting 3 times per week and keeping to a healthy diet-clearly I don’t fit the demographic of the unhealthy lifter and I haven’t bothered with masks at all.

  7. If you start from the fact that they are running a depopulation programme, then everything makes sense. These elite are psychopaths, and just like psychopathic serial killers asking "why would they do that?" Is a total waste of your time.

  8. It's weird init…? The virus was without doubt created by a lab… Which just happened to be partly funded by the yanks, and the scamdemic has made a lot of people & association's, very rich through ridiculous contracts 🙄(Mp's and their mates companies, world wide…), universities worldwide, i.e mad scientists eager to have access to huge increases in their funding… DOCTORS!
    Thousands of doctors have voiced their concerns, grouping together to forward their worries and findings…sadly, many have also seen this as an opportunity to massively increase their retirement funds… And at £12.50 an experimental jab+ pp in their banks, its hardly surprising, that some would take advantage…
    How many large independent medias are now out there?!

  9. The jabbed we are told will need meds for their time on earth ,as they will suffer many complications as per each jabbed day..I know 12 jabbed are dead none from the flu unjabbed ..

  10. The government's use of the word 'artificial' instead of 'natural' epitomises what a topsy-turvy world we're in. Surely immunity from previous infection is natural and immunity for the 'vax' is artificial.

  11. Looking at table 5, more people per 100,000 are dying unvaccinated within 28 days or 60days of showing positive for covid.

    I don't agree with human experimentatiin, or forcing someone via coercion to accept a trial injection, but highlighting "cases" in vaaccinated and unvaccinated is pretty pointless. It has to be the IFR that should concern us, as wellas proven cause of death. Wecan't have it both ways!

  12. Hi Politico. They are counting "positive" cases and as the % of natural immunity will be equal in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated per head o CAPITA, this argument is "ILOGICAL".
    100/67 compared to 100/33
    =50/33 compared to 50/17
    IE. 50% immunity in both groups.We do not know the amount of immunity (seroprevalance) in the population (and why not?), but the %
    will not change the math!

  13. Fully jabbed are more health conscious this sounds like only uneducated people voted for Brexit 🤪🤪🤪. I'm unjabbed 38 and have no health issues, my BMI is 24, I run 7km 4 times a week and cycle regularly during the summer. I'm fitter than most 20 year olds. I never get ill and I eat healthy unprocessed food and supplement when needed. I'm highly educated and work a professional job with earnings that put me in the top 5% of society. I didn't get jabbed because the safety profile is concerning and it only protects against severe illness which I am not at at risk from.

  14. Take out the under 18 data of the unvaccinated (as death in this group PRIOR to vaccinations was ZERO) , and it is clear that the cases seen now are somewhere near 62% in the VAXXED and 37% in the UNVAXXED.

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