How The Post Occupy Left ABANDONED Class For Wokeness | Krystal Kyle & Friends

Krystal and Kyle Kulinski of Krystal Kyle & Friends talk to author Michael Levitin about his new book on Occupy Wall Street and how the left has since abandoned mass class centric politics

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  1. Does anyone else remember when Occupy protesters, many of whom voted and donated to Obama, were accused of being racist for protesting against the first Black President? Yeah, that's part of this turn as well.

  2. All the categories you mention are divisive. Focus on individual! Individual’s freedoms include everybody. All this left, right, latinos, Blake’s, whites, all this nonsense!

  3. Here's the question I'm going to put out to any left wing folks. Is there any prevailing attitude that celebrates changing the minds of your "enemies"? I'm talking memes, shows, articles, whatever.

    Background for this question: I'm a conservative, and while there is definitely an often toxic "own the libs" mentality, the right also celebrates the conversion of "former leftists".
    This phenomenon is exemplified by Dave Rubin and Candace Owens. I actually disagree with those two on many things, but I recognize that conservatives love their stories because they involve becoming disillusioned with the "enemy".
    Every week or so, the Babylon Bee posts a Twitter thread of a left-wing person admitting that they were wrong about an aspect what they formerly believed, or inadvertently agreeing with conservatives.
    2nd amendment channels revel in convincing left-wing people to go shooting and buy guns.
    My point is that conservative media has a culture of celebrating bringing people to their side. As far as I've seen the left doesn't.

    Am I wrong? Or do the algorithms just not allow me to see it?

  4. That's a great clip that Kyle mentioned. That "homos in the military" guy was charged with some bribery crime years later. The other representative who went after him was Pat Schroeder. At around that time, Bernie was trying to encourage her to run for President.

  5. I loved being a 'lefty' when I was marching in the streets during the WTO protests in Seattle. I love being a 'leftist' when I marched against the DNC in LA for the 2000 election. I loved being a 'lefty' when I voted for Nader. I loved being a 'lefty' every time I marched against Monsanto fucking up our food and farming systems. I loved being a 'lefty' when I voted for 2004 campaign Obama. It's been downhill ever since and at this point I cringe when someone refers to me as a lefty. I suppose I call myself a progressive only at this point, but yeah, fuck this woke purity testing nonsense.

  6. I like how Kyle thinks that if someone on the right makes populist promises that once they’re in office they won’t come through simply because they are on the right and that’s a reason to vote blue instead. Name the person that’s on the left side of the aisle that’s delivering the things you’re demanding? Can’t even get them to vote on it and they control the House Senate and Oval Office. No heroes over there and that includes Bernie.

  7. Voted every national election D since the R's started the wars 20 years ago.
    But, the current D does not believe in free speech.
    Without free speech we will disolve into something that is not America.
    What shit choices we have.

  8. The "Post Occupy Left" was the same as the "Pre-Occupy Left"- That is, Liberals, or the lesser far-right party in the US, the left-wing of a right-wing party, the Democrats. You two aren't the "Left", you are Liberals, literal right-wingers, and your party abandoned the working class in favor of Identity politics without class consciousness, Wall Street, corporations, and wealthy donors in 1980. I realize that you will keep up the grift of billing yourself as part of "the Left", "Lefties", or "Leftists" for as long as it's profitable, but make no mistake- you are right-wing Liberals, New Deal liberals at best, and in no way, shape, or form, Leftists- who are legit Socialists and Communists. Until you have the balls to admit that you're Liberals, you're misleading everyone who puts any credence into what you say. You're as big of grifters as the fools just to your right, the Tim Pools and Ben Shapiro's, distorting every argument by misrepresenting yourselves in order to portray yourself as something you're not. You're con artists.

  9. The Left ~ Support workers & Minorities.

    A minority of Truckers protest against coerced/forced vaccination.

    The Left ~ Youre all racists,even the Sikhs & minorities are white supremists,we need to crush them theyre impacting the economy.

  10. Sometimes I’ll watch an hour lecture and the first 20 minutes is a series of people introducing each other and announcing their pronouns and saying land acknowledgments about dozens of random tribes.


  11. Wokeness has and always been defined as awareness of how and what white supremacy is AND doing steps to eliminate it. This rebranding of Woke and CRT while never using it in actual context is like explaining how the Easter Bunny was crucified on Christmas.

  12. Focusing on Joe Rogan and then not focus on republican banning on books about slavery, homosexuality etc is kind of biased. The republican effort to discriminate and cancel minorities is kind of offending. JOe Rogan will be just fine. But the people affected by book bans are not fine.
    Just wanted to point out that the cancel culture is even more extreme and wide spread in the right wing than in the left, but somehow you aren't really offended by that. Somehow canceling dixie chicks for critisizing Bush and Irak war is ok. There are multiple examples, but you are more worried that a millionaire celebrity gets critisized by other millionaires than the oppression and cancel culture that the small people are facing every day.

  13. Kyle is absolutely right about the clique of academics and media imposing their elitist , false narrative upon the public . The academics are myopic ideologues . The media is composed of class prejudiced corporatists and writers concerned about their careers .

  14. Many of the left I know take the news and social media as the truth and if they didn’t see it reported then it didn’t happen. Also very importantly, what their friends say inside their echo chamber must be true even if there is zero logic to what the left stands for. This is very understandable because many of them are more led by their emotions, their hearts and not their brains.

  15. I have been telling my fellow socialists for years now. Identitarianism comes at the cost of actual class consciousness. The rich and powerful love all this antiracism and sexual identity focus. They really can't get enough of it.

  16. Why are you nonsensically conflating Occupy with Wokeness? Get a grasp of how social movements work. You know full well corp libs are diff than leftists. Put things into perspective (disregarding complaints of the right) and in the bigger pic, most of the change has been positive and it takes loud voices to actualize change. And just like Occupy – wokeness will fade in time. Stop being apologists to pander to the right, like we ALWAYS FUCKING DO. weak and lame.

  17. Krystal and Kyle are so DISAPPOINTING. To say in the future ( which nobody knows ) a right wing populist may be elected President and do nothing to advance a populist agenda, 1st, no one know the future, 2nd, really, guys, you can't even hope or believe that a "right wing" politician could do better, especially compared to the evil woke left ? Is that your own left wing tribalism here ? Only the left can save America ? The left is now the problem, but you say the right can never succeed ? I thought you were both more impartial.

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