How the Rouleau Commission Got it All WRONG – Emergencies Act Inquiry – w/ Keith Wilson

Justice Paul Rouleau justified PM Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act, not because the Freedom Convoy was a threat, but because the government failed in their duties at all levels.
Government Incompetence is now the threshold to suspending Civil Liberties in Canada.
To address this issue and talk about where this goes next, Lawyer Keith Wilson joined me in conversation.

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  1. Globally many governments have condemned this government's actions. As long as those making the decisions are on the government's payroll, there won't be a just decision. All we've done is given them justification for more oppression. The reason they're afraid of Twitter is because the government censors have been removed from this platform.

  2. If you're a politician in canada and you break the law and apologize like a little kid that has done something wrong you are off the hook the laws don't apply to politicians in canada the lawless country

    Welcome to chinada

  3. In order to stop the destruction of canada without blood shed we need turdo & the rest of the liberal scum bags ousted from Canada. Then canadians need to hold the new government to the laws of our land

  4. Let's flip the tables and make our own rules now. Who died and made them boss? A new system of government needs to take place and not later NOW. We are the majority and need to settle our differences and work together to get our country back.

  5. Hand picked judge….overwhelming evidence and he still rules in favor???? these people are all traitors to our country! I dont know about all otger candadians ….but i swear on my kids lives i will die before i submit to their communist ways!!

  6. Has anyone figured out that our government is corrupt yet. I give them credit for being consistent. What is it going to take for people to wake up and smell the coffee.

  7. We are learning something from all this. There are two legal systems in Canada. One for lawyers and courts and another different one for ordinary people. Governments use the lawyer and court one to hide behind and then they use the ordinary people one to hammer the nobodies. And the lower down the social scale you are the harder you get hammered.

  8. By him stating that it wasn't overwhelming leads me to think the government (Trudeau has dictated him to say the act was justified) I think he was ordered to rule in Trudeau favor.

  9. The incompetence of government is not justification for imposing the emergency act. Its simply corruption of government and the justice system. Canada is under a dictatorship.

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