How the Taliban won the Afghan war

Pushback with Aaron Maté

After being toppled in the war’s early months, the Taliban managed to defeat the US military and return to power 20 years later. Author and scholar Antonio Giustozzi on how the Taliban beat the world’s most powerful army and what the future holds under its rule.

Guest: Antonio Giustozzi. Senior research fellow at the Royal United Services Institute and visiting professor at King’s College London. His books include “The Islamic State in Khorasan” and “The Taliban at War.”

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  1. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia are democratic and the Saudis have no problems with them.
    Therefore I think it's incorrect to say that Saudis are principally against the idea of democracy in other countries.
    Especially seeing how they supported the "democratic" rebellion in Syria.

  2. The Afghan government forces did the right thing to surrender and did not put up a fight. A lot of bloodshed was avoided. Taliban would not be so forgiving and declare amnesty if they had faced stiff opposition before eventually winning.

  3. I am usually skeptical about these kinds of interviews with "experts" on Afghanistan. This is absolutely excellent. It is so rich with information and solid critical thinking, I watched and listened to this a few times. The sound quality falls off toward the end but is worth struggling through. This is what journalism should look like.

  4. The Pakistan army exaggerating the security threat to justify an increase in their budget although the budget is at the best stagnant. 80000 Pakistanis dead at the hands of TTP and others based in Afghanistan armed and trained by the indians with the blessing of the Americans. Can anyone explain why did the indians have sixteen consulates on the Afghanistan Pakistan border. The Taliban had Russian weapons predominantly Kalashnikov rifles from the Soviet era. If Pakistan did offer some support to the Taliban , it pales into insignificance compared to the support to NATO. 57000 sorties flew from Pakistani bases and virtually all the logistics for NATO went through Pakistan. RUSI have definitely proven that they are a front for MI 5 or 6. No insurgency can succeed without the support of the locals and the yanks made sure of that support by the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent afghans. These so called experts want to look at the pakhtoon wali tribal law which obligates revenge. The only way to avenge was to join the Taliban.

  5. For everyone that is interested in this topic. Watch the “debate“ between mullah Zaeef and Robert grenier ( ex CIA officer in that time ).
    One of the best debates ive ever seen. Its a reality check for us in the west. You wont regret it, no propaganda, straight up truth

  6. If been in the total destroid Afghanistan of 2002.
    Before I did this trip I talked to my father who built 1972 the Coca Cola Kabul for Rahim Majeed.
    Nothing of that what he told me I saw, to be honest I saw only horror.
    It was clear from the beginning for me after talked to some Talib leaders in Peshawar that any power will lose in Afghanistan.
    The reason is quite simple, you can not win against a person or group who is already dead.
    They, the Talib and other groups pissed on their life.
    I saw them fighting and saw the NATO troops running.
    From that time on it was clear to me in beginning 2002 that this is a lost war.

  7. “Taliban at war: ‘NATO 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷🇩🇪 War Criminals discover that It’s not the size of the dog 🐕 in the fight but the size in the fight in the dog!!!” 💀🇦🇫💀🇦🇫💀🇦🇫💀🇦🇫💀🇦🇫💀🇦🇫💀🇦🇫💀🇦🇫

  8. The USA was never there to win a war. They were there to make money and maintain the dollars presence via oil. Funny how that's going to end up working out in the end. Loss of the dollar as the reserve currency via money printing and furious inflation!

  9. Its simple really. What happened in Vietnam is what happened in Afghanistan. The details might differ somewhat but overall its strikingly similar. American GIs view all Vietnamese as communist hence better kill an innocent rather than risk your own life to find out. American soldiers in Afghanistan view all Afghans as Taliban hence employs the same exact tactics. The differences is its 300 million bucks a day profit.

  10. George W Bush "We don't negotiate with terrorists", Obama "Lets create a vacuum in Iraq/Syria that can be filled by ISIS and use them to oust Assad", Trump, "We're now going to fight to win in Afghanistan……
    …….. but fail so finally Trump "Lets bring the Taliban to Camp David to sign our withdrawl agreement".

  11. The reason the Taliban won was because Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski traveled to the Khyber Pass in 1980 and told the Northern Alliance/Mujahideen/Taliban that they would return to their land, their homes and their mosques because their cause was righteous and God was on their side! Boy was he ever right but just didn't know that would ultimately happen until August of 2021??

  12. Anyone else miss that the guy gave a sort of non-answer about the Pakistan question? I’m still confused about what’s going on there. America always sings praises about the country. Here’s my theory:

    India is essentially enslaved by the US. Recently, India’s been cooperating very well with the Chinese. In order to keep a handle on India, Pakistan is America’s man.

    Furthermore, the US never wanted the Taliban to be eliminated. Just like in Vietnam, so long as the guerilla opponent had a place that they could flee to and arm up at, the US could both support the efforts of the enemy and continue justifying the war. Pakistan is a surrogate state in which the CIA operates, arming and training ISIS, ISISK, Hezbollah, Taliban, and Al Qaeda. So long as those paramilitaries are ready for war, the US has their much needed excuse to engage in it (and cash in).

    But this guy can’t say that cus he’ll lose his job at “King’s College London” lmao

  13. Such a simple an obvious point that one never heard in 20 years of MSM: any govt that relies on a foreign army to stay in power is incredibly weak, and obviously illegitimate.

    When you ask people to imagine a foreign army in their own country that installs a regime of their choosing, and consider how that govt would be viewed by the citizens, it suddenly dawns on them what an absurd idea it is for the US and media to pretend that the US can “ bring democracy” to other nations. It is occupation and de facto dictatorship and nothing more.

  14. They studied American war history……no war can be won so far away from your infrastructure…..WW2 was the last just war it lasted 5 years there was a justifiable out come ….all wars since waged by USA have been avoidable.

  15. While the Americans and Europeans framed the war thru the repressive action of the Talib toward women education etc.. the truth is that they had crafted a neoliberal project aimed at privatizing lucrative sectors of the state in order to extract a maximum of resources. This is why they were so adamant in imposing Ghani. The people saw thru it and backed the Talib instead,. This is why Karzai stayed and Ghani fled after looting the treasury. They knew the Americans would create hell on them the poorest of the poor for years to come. Now by cutting funds to them you are forcing them to resort to terrorism as a mean of survival which could have been avoided. Plus they will release thousand of refugees which will be flooding Europe soon.

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