How the US Caused the Ukraine Crisis – with Branko Marcetic

Click here for the full episode, including an extended interview with Branko Marcetic about Ukraine, Epstein & more, plus a chat about Vaush:

Note: This episode was recorded before Russia invaded Ukraine. The interview with Branko Marcetic provides a lot of useful context on how we got here.

When we look at the progression of this war, the Biden administration and cable news hosts will tell you that Mastermind Putin foresaw this six moves back in his chess game, and that the only thing we could’ve done was impose sanctions earlier.

They won’t tell you about the US escalating tensions for years, stoking the 2014 coup and aiding neo-Nazi protesters for its own benefit.

Now, two war-mongering countries, both with bloated militaries, whose people are neglected in favor of raising military spending, whose politicians profit from war, are back to causing destruction.

And Ukraine is stuck in the middle.

Jacobin’s Branko Marcetic joins us to breakdown everything happening in the region and the steps that led to Russia’s deadly aggression. See the extended episode for the full discussion on Ukraine plus a look at his in-depth reporting on Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

It’s a dark day, but Useful Idiots will always keep spreading our anti-war message. Join us as we follow the news and keep the people of Ukraine in our thoughts.

It’s this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out now.

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  1. It is strange world we live in now. The idea of Communism conjures up a strong central authority, no independent ownership and thought police. Now, under liberal democracy, Western nations are increasingly authoritarian (e.g. Canadian government response to the truckers). The controlling oligarchs are buying any assets they can get their hands on (e.g. Blackstone is buying all the houses and apartments on the market in the U.S.), in anticipation that people will not be able aford to buy a home, turning the population renters.The titans of Silicon valley are dictating what is able to be viewed on the internet, and the woke phenomenon is a form of thought police. Yes, now what was up is now down; what was left is right. Go figure.

  2. I like Katie but America is NOT responsible for centuries of Russian paranoia and agression. (added: But I do agree that our malfeasance has not helped at all. Too bad we didn't help them when we had the chance. Now we may be facing WWIII because we're too busy destroying America by arguing over masks and pronouns.)

  3. you might not want to keep the name of this podcast anymore its too much truth in jest form now. I love differing opinions, but to lay blame other than on the government in Russia as to why Russia invaded another country in order to kill or overthrow a democracy is very useful idiot like.

  4. I'm a little disappointed in this Useful Idiots segment. I mean I have pretty much been a fan of the show since the beginning, but you guys were critical of the Biden administration for warning that Russia would invade, while you guys were underestimating Putin, and then when they were right and Russia does invade, you guys blame the US for Russia invading? I get that there was chest pounding on both sides, but you guys were just wrong and instead of owning it, you shift the blame. The US is responsible for alot of the world's problems and I have applauded you for calling that out, but you guys really dropped the ball here. Russia is responsible for Russia. Ukraine had no chance of joining NATO and even if they did, IT WOULD BE FOR THIS REASON! I love you guys, but you got this one wrong.

  5. Aaron Mate is a complete disappointment. To call Ukraine a client state of the United States when now it is fighting for its life is a horrendously wrong and biased assessment. My cat knows more about foreign policy than this (leftist?) hack.

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