How the West brought economic disaster on itself

Freddie Sayers speaks to financial analyst Louis Gave about the West’s self-made economic crisis.

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00:00 – 01:05 – Introduction
01:05 – 04:06 – Have Western sanctions on Russia made the Western economic situation worse?
04:06 – 08:03 – How do those sanctions directly impact the West?
08:03 – 10:46 – The impact of external forces on these sanctions
10:46 – 13:32 – Is the price of the ruble worth looking at in depth?
13:32 – 16:40 – Are there sides to this story that are being missed?
16:40 – 19:47 – Has Russia been forced into the arms of China, as a result?
19:47 – 22:48 – To what extent are these sanctions a political going or on climate change prevention one?
22:48 – 24:14 – How should governments be tackling the climate crisis amid global political unrest?
24:14 – 25:11 – Is the US in a better position because it produces most of its own energy?
25:11 – 26:27 – Is the UK in a similar position to the US?
26:27 – 29:43 – What is the worst-case scenario?
29:43 – 30:54 – What are Louis’ predictions for the Western economy moving forward?
30:54 – 33:17 – How seriously did lockdowns affect the West’s economy?
33:17 – 36:06 – Is it sustainable to have interest rates above 4%?
36:06 – 37:23 – Is the economic mess that the West finds itself in is due to the fault of policymakers?
37:23 – 38:06 – Conclusion

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  1. The economic disaster was part of the plan to bring our system to its knees , to beg the government to bring on the universal credit for EVERYONE-the seizing of private property , and the complete control by the state of travel , purchases and health and education ,

  2. The EU had ripped up the long-term contracts with Russia long before the Russo-ukranian war for dumb ideology of saving us from climate change. Russia had never politicised energy. It's the most reliable energy supplier in the world and best for Europe. The West is already in decline and Europe has no value without Russia. The maniacal fools that govern the West and their brainwashed zombies will only understand what they're missing once they lose it. Thank you to Freddie and his intelligent insightful guest! A pleasure to hear the truth spoken out articulately without the usual western propaganda rubbish

  3. Mr. Von son Gave seemed to have only touched the surface of the current situation and has explicated clearly the short term economic relationship between China and Russia and Europe with Russia. Although he makes some good points, albeit a bit simplistic, I think his promotion of coal to EU nations, even Scandinavia is verging on delusional as he seems unaware that east Asian nations will probably overtake the energy industry within the next 5-10 years w hydrogen and biofuel and as they become the new green energy producer of Europe that will replace Russia’s fossil fuels.

    The US might benefit in the short term by its reliance on fracking, nuclear and its dependence on Canada’s fossil fuels but the long term cleanup of its fresh water supply would destroy the nation and the US would become an uninhabitable toxic dumping ground.

    In a long term trajectory I think Russia will eventually become a city state of Moscow after it can no longer sell its fossil fuels, and regions in Siberia will become independent and China, South Korea and Japan will replace the OPEC nations when the energy transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen is complete and east Asia will become Europe’s new energy provider.

    In the end the Russo-Ukraine war has benefitted NATO’s expansion and set up an East Asian alliance in becoming the new energy provider of Europe. Russia is at an extreme disadvantage, having been extremely short sighted in its goals to attain Ukrainian resources, crippling its tech sector

  4. Russia tried hard to have normal relations with the West to no avail. It had to pay the highest price: open up its vast natural resources to the western corporations, adopt the hollow liberal democracy that's become a form of fascism and trample its identity and traditions for multiculturalism and gender insanity posing as normal.

  5. It’s not a lack of US investment in natural gas/shale it’s the Biden Administration literally stopping us from collecting our natural gas. We have enough for over 200 years just in 1 region of the US of available shale.

  6. Just look at what Brussels is demanding of the Dutch farmers …. Good policy from leaders, or social engineering that will bankrupt us further?

  7. I love the double popped button on the shirt Freddie, really says “I’m just a cool guy, we’re having a cool time, very cool.” Very cool. Best Skype call I’ve seen all day! All the best CooL FreddiE

  8. We did appease Putin for a long time. I am more optimistic about the future because both Russia and China have internal problems which cannot be solved by force. The internet undermines authoritarian government. One wonderful thing about Russia in this crisis is the huge increase in the use of VPNs. Get around state rules and be free is the thought!

  9. Oh my apologies. By the end I completely agreed. I just thought it was kind of obvious that we need compromise on the global warming targets. Even there though necessity is the mother of invention and war massively focuses minds.

  10. I don’t believe that Russia initially weaponised energy. Had they done that, they would simply have turned off the taps. They take a longer term view, knowing that despite being in conflict, there is a longer term where trust is vital. The west has earthquaked the ground beneath our feet

  11. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I applauded the recognition that man-made global warming needed to be tackled. I guess it has been done too quickly. Sure didn’t feel that way.

    Great questions, Freddie.

    Wish I’d caught the French guy’s name. He is very credible.

  12. No, you’ve got this totally wrong as usual. You and most people believe governments are the solution. They are not and in every instance, at every moment of time governments are always the cause. If there is a problem, people will fix it. Autonomy, freedom is the solution, let a free market work as it should.

  13. American fiscal, monetary and energy policies are there to serve the banks, ultra rich and corporations; those entities who buy the politicians of the two parties. The American political system is corrupt and bankrupt of any real long term policy expertise. Leadership of change for the better will not be coming from Washington.

  14. Considering how many Prime Ministers and Presidents have no confidence votes and getting boosted out the govs I think people had enough of our gov caring about Ukraine. The people think they deserve an affordable life and would rather go back to good economical ties rather than supporting Ukraine and it shows how in a bad shape the govs are in Europe and citizens have no confidence anymore in them. Rightfully & understandably so you have to look at your country first and people feel these politicians dont give a crap about them anymore. All those things net zero, sanctions, etc only hurt the european civilians and small and medium sized businesses.

  15. Host: we need to be fair here, we need to hear how the US is really greater, more powerful and will win this war…..

    I guess fair means the US always wins. But maybe not this time buddy.

  16. The stupid people of Europe brought this on themselves and their politicians are just clowns in a circus. The last action the Europeans did was going into the streets to belt up Russians anywhere they could find, before their final demise. Now Putin will make sure they will freeze this winter and God will smile.

  17. Russia did not weaponize their energy, as later acknowledged they were forced to demand rubles so the west, who actually did weaponize their financial system, didn’t just steal oil payment money. Now, in the absolutely ridiculous question by the host “let’s be fair, yes Russia has energy.. blah blah blah”: If Russia decides to weaponize it’s energy because you’re actively participating in ending the lives of their youth, take all the nonsense and BS virtues you’re spouting and try to use it to fill up the tanks of the semi’s delivering food with whatever that nonsense is you spouted, continue spouting it to heat your homes during the winter, hopefully there’s enough nonsense to power hospitals and other critical infrastructure. You’re only hope is to be turned into an energy slave state by the US.

    It’s a shame there weren’t any mirrors around. Even if you deny the 2014 coup, even if you not see a problem in Ukraine’s military, even ignoring the Odessa… “fire”, and you just assume Putin is a mean guy wanting whatever the current propaganda is, if you’d had a mirror around you could realize that our own foreign policy is FAR MORE despicable to some worse-case imaginary Russian invasion. The shame and embarrassment I felt listening to my hypocritical leaders, including Biden who knew there were no WMD in Iraq and just wanted to overthrow the gov. The proper response would have been back in 2014 and then every year thereafter to not be training a Ukrainian invasion force. That not an option, then a simple statement that it’s sad Russia seems to be repeating mistakes made by the west, repeatedly made by the west, and they decided to go through with the invasion. We’re working to encourage peace. LOL but that’s not what they want. So gross. This is probably karma for operation paperclip and those programs like gladio. If this were a movie this all makes sense, and Russia wouldn’t be the bad guy. Luckily it’s not a movie and Russia is not the US and so, even as Europe bursts with glee at ending lives of their citizens, spouting rewritten history which conflicts with their own media companies prior to Feb, and funds, arms and trains those they are in a literal war with, they decided to be professional about energy. Let’s hope that relationship doesn’t get wrecked but with leaders like these, who needs enemies.

  18. So it's more important to keep inflation low than deter military aggression on the doorstep of one of the largest economic areas humanity has ever known ? And lets not forget the Ukraine economies and Russian economies have degraded by 100's of billions of dollars, that's some deflation. Sorry you're having a cost of living crisis, but you're not looking at the sky worrying about missiles in a flattened landscape.

    Welcome to the global world, war somewhere else impacts your life directly. Better buckle up as global warming is going to make the Ukraine war look like a day at the aquarium.

    By the way, hope everyone will enjoy the 35C weather in UK next week! Don't worry there's going to be plenty more over the next 50 years!

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