How They Do It

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  1. I say we start a revolution to rid the scum of the deep state and treasonous media networks. Everyone today is corrupt and the celebrities only care about recognition and money same with the deep state. We need to rise and unify as the people and take down these corrupt mother fuckers.

  2. Doubtful if only US itelligence services did/does this. Did/does FBI have its own operation mockingbird? Would explain a lot.

  3. This is why I never trusted papa Bush when he was President because I knew with his background every bit of information coming out of the White House at the time was all lies .

  4. I have an idea. Make some audio CD's of all your books. So those of us who are too busy (lazy) to read can listen to you every morning while stuck in traffic! Ha, ha, ha. Seriously though.

  5. So the CIA recruited journalists to act as foreign agents, shock horror don't all governments do this. Wasn't Churchill a British agent posing as a journalist in his early years in south Africa?

  6. h edoesnt explain how they manipulated the media itself, i get it the Journalists where undercover but where they writing fake stories ? Have all hollywood films been propaganda ? whats the TLDR Version

  7. Still republicans so easily believed the Russian hacking nonsense which allowed for the Russian collusion narrative to take root ruining 3 yrs of Trump's Presidency. This happened due to republicans' desire to easily blaim Russian for things being so easily exploited by democrats & media by simply saying the "intelligence" community says so.

  8. You're videos stop being recommended to me right after this video. I was watching your videos mostly but I just remembered I haven't seen you from a while and came back to check if you're still alive. This is the point I was left.